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Hair Raising for Smile Train

Strand Designs Hair Marathon weekend – HUGE success!!

The smile train organisation will benefit from our charity hair marathon! We raised just over £400 by cutting hair, styling, painting nails and generally providing people with a great time!

The Sun shone on Hempstead this weekend! People sat drinking wine, hot chocolate, cappuccino, eating fudge cake and biscuits, enjoying the sunshine chatting, buying raffle tickets and booking hair appointments! It was a wonderful weekend.

The Smile Train Organisation:

As I watched a DVD documentary about these amazing people in developing countries, I felt very proud to be DOING something. I gave my best skills as a hairdresser to my clients who selflessly dug deep and added generous amounts of money into our charity pot.

The smile Train organisation says it can take as little as £125 to fix a smile on a child born with a cleft lip or palette. We’ve helped a couple at least at Strand Designs Hair Marathon. Should we make it an annual event? Probably YES. So many rallied round, some travelled a couple of hundred miles and many hairdos and nail varnishes were created. Please enjoy looking at our photos! If you were one of the lucky ones involved, well thank you from the bottom of my heart………..and my feet (which ache like mad!)

Find out more about this charity at



Who am I?

Hello folks……

So who is Louiseusher? That’s me! I’m a salon management consultant (which means I help salon owners improve business), an author and a good listener (some call it coach!).

I’m very passionate about life and nature and my main goal is to make life good for those around me.  I love happy positive people and find them so uplifting!

Currently, this “introduce yourself” blog can’t claim to cover all the things I love to talk about so watch this space

Much love