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Christmas Musts for Salon managers

Salon owners, it’s December. You are busy dashing around serving clients. 
Of course you are making hay while the sun shines….and January is just an afterthought.

January is an important month. The bills still need paying, the staff expect wages and its a great time to capitalise.

With so many clients this month, use that increased footfall to get clients ready for some extra treats in January. Market January NOW!

Pop a little pretty advert in the corner of each mirror detailing a pampering treat that clients will afford in January. Conditioning treatments are popular due to the weather and over styling in December. Offer those, coupled with a lovely hot chocolate and scalp massage finished with a blow dry.

Most importantly, gather information from clients to remind them. Spend no more than 30 minutes educating your junior staff on collating this information. Explain the importance of this. Then ensure you have an easy to follow spreadsheet with boxes to fill in:
Mobile phone:

This gives you many avenues to contact them.

Brilliant. Here’s to a busy January!
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