January to do list for Salon Managers

January to do list

While the tinsel is being taken down, long after you have banked Decembers fantastic takings… What is in your mind now?
Are you worried that December takings have to   s-t-r-e-t-c-h   all the way through to mid February?  Well there are many marketing ideas which can help grow that January business.

That’s for another blog.

Meanwhile, start to think about spending some extra time wisely.
Have you EVER held staff appraisals?
If not, you should give this some serious thought. If you have, try to remember the improvements it brought! Go again with the one to one meetings.


What benefit does this bring to your salon?
Firstly your staff will feel as though you care. You’re thinking of them as more than a pair of scissors..
Caring about their career development and personal development is paramount. Without this they will lose interest and walk…..a string of loyal clients behind them like the pied piper!
If you don’t know where to start on an appraisal there are people out there who can come along and ask the right questions for you, collating information to hold on file for future reference.
Remember you really owe it to your salon and your staff to hold appraisals at least every 6 months.
Keeping morale going through January is as important as ever. Your staff will love you for it and feel they have a real leader!

Would you like to be a leader?!!!!!

If you have no idea where to start then please ask me any questions you like, get in touch

Wish you an amazing new year

Louise Usher




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