Feeling the need to blog

Hey! Do you ever feel like you just ‘have’ to blog and go from the heart to write something?


Or do you carefully plan every step of the way?


After a long day of marketing (sub here!) 


I really feel a need to sit and write a simple blog.  I’ve watched some really inspirational stuff lately which I love.  Telling you to DO IT! Just DO IT.

I agree,  sometimes, you just have to push yourself harder.

“A dream without a goal is just a wish”

That’s what they say.

So what is your goal? Do it that way! Work backwards….

What do you want at the end? Imagine it and work backwards.  What a great idea! 

Ok folks thats me chatting straight from the heart for this afternoon, enjoy the snow if you have it and remember my door is open if you need guidance.

Much love

Louise x

ps, for a few days, you can get super cheap cd’s from ebay to motivate you to lose weight or learn the Law of attraction:




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