Sunrise Lusher Life Journal

Ok folks, I’ve had a busy day snowed in finally getting some requested products into my shop! This is such exciting news!


I have lots of visualisation tools that can be used including some clothing! Pop a quick affirmation on your mug and each time you drink coffee, you make a better life for yourself! How cool is that?

Sunrise Lusher Life Journal Lusher Life. Have a look at this link for the journal you can write in to create your Lusher Life.


I’ve also added weight loss journals,

Trying to conceive journals

Gratitude Journals

You can find them all on the above link or at

I know I must add lots more products! I can feel the demand on its way! HAHa…. I would also love to connect with you if you buy one as I have fantastic reccomendations on how you can use them so please drop me an email

Have a lovely day

Much love

Louise x


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