My son, the blogger

My son, the blogger

Yesterday my son, at the young age of 13 (yes, I did have him young!) decided that he needed to start earning some money.  Encouraging him, I started to think hard.  We spoke of car washing and paper rounds and yet none of this seemed to fire him up.


WordPress,  I began to speak of wordpress.  With the intention that he can build a little platform in preparation for selling photographs online later on.


Wow he was off and running.  Bless his heart,  I showed him the basics and he had a go.  Makes you realize that the future for our school age children really is going to be the net. I feel so proud that I was able to help him with this as a mum who is building her own platform prior to my next book release – more on that later –


So, who is he?  Well you can find my boy here and I’m interested to see where exactly he takes his blog.


If you love Xbox,  Minecraft,  Black ops etc then you will find as his confidence grows that he actually gets lots of information over about this as he’s REALLY good. 

I love him.


I’m going to write a blog about another gamer who is so totally following his dreams and BOY oh BOY they are coming true!



2 thoughts on “My son, the blogger

  1. Andrew

    Oh that is so awesome! I am 13 years old AND play games like he does. Only that I hate Xbox! XP Get PS3 (Playstation 3)! The services for online and a lot of other things are free and it comes with blueray and a lot of cool other features.
    Since you seem to have a son about the same age as mine, would you mind checking out my blog? I post daily about dramatic situations in life and just my life in general. 🙂 Thanks!


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