One of the top reasons you decide to take action on a dream


One of the top reasons you decided to take action on a dream




You have a dream. 




Often we sit on these for a while…. Occasionally finding reasons not to do something.  That ‘head chatter’ telling us why we might not be good enough to follow our dream.




One day, while having a browse, there they are; 1000 reasons to DO IT!!!




Someone else is doing what you dreamed of doing.  Yet nowhere  NEAR as good as you can do it.




So you tell yourself, “Well,  if they can do it,  I can do it.  Better than that too!”


Why not?  Of course you can.  If you look at their


















You see no reason to think they aren’t successful.  Again,  if they can do it, so can you.






Why might you be successful…?  Have you heard of many people like me coaching folks and reminding them to be ‘uniquely you’?


Some coaches write it like this: You-niquely!!!




What that means is that we are all so very different.  People will find a reason to like you, love you, follow you.  Yet that person who you watched previously and thought was “Quite frankly a bit of a pratt” and decided you are better at delivering, has followers who love him/her. Yet others who feel the same as you, that he/she didn’t attract positively may spend their money with someone like you! 


We will all attract a different audience and therefore this is the main reason why NOT being YOURSELF won’t work.




Being yourself will resonate with your TRUE audience/clients and attract people who you totally SHOULD be working with.  This will also leave you feeling fired up and refreshed at the end of every day as opposed to exhausted from keeping up a big façade.




You are amazing just the way you are.  This is the reason you should follow that dream!




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