Manifesting Dishwasher Salt! Haha funny!

Manifesting dishwasher salt, now that’s getting just silly!!!!

“Mum!” called out my son, “The shopping man is here.”

As I thundered down the stairs in a half hurried state, there he was, the freezing cold delivery man. Bless his red nose, pretty much dripping as he flashed a smile and said “Shopping delivery?”

Unpacking the shopping I was feeling so thankful for my new routine. Shopping once a week to a fixed budget was working really well for me. We didn’t waste food anymore yet we enjoyed lovely meals every night and occasionally, like this particular week, there was a few pounds left in the budget to spare. I looked in the cleaning materials, remembering that the dishwasher salt supply in the cupboard was getting a little low. So, I ordered some. As I began unpacking the shopping there was the little blue bag of salt.

That head chatter started, you know? Do you do that? Almost like talking to yourself but only in your head.
“Salt, oh, well we don’t need that just yet but, oh, there’s a thought, I wonder if by buying that I’m actually manifesting the dishwasher will ask for some more salt? How funny is that thought…..?” That funny thought got disregarded.

In your intelligence, you know how this story is going now don’t you! Yes, the following morning there was the little red indicator light telling me I needed to fill up the dishwasher with salt. I grinned and said out loud, “Unbelieveable!”

Now why on earth was it unbeleiveable??!!



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