Daily Archives: June 11, 2013


FREE resources to keep your focus on track





It’s been so long since I’ve been here….my stats have fallen..like, badly….so I’m guessing that I seemed to have lost my focus for about 3 weeks.


How bad is that?

Just goes to show that all these professional bloggers and authors who say you must keep blogging and once a month showing up simply isn’t enough, well, they are right aren’t they.


So what makes you lose your focus? In a nutshell life can take over at times and if you can’t see a benefit to yourself (let’s face it a little bit of selfishness is totally necessary in life) then you can easily just ‘not bother’.


For me,  life was incredibly draining of energy in other areas – all in a good way –  and I’ve just not been here.  In fact,  we often spend time just thinking, 

“What direction should I take?  What should I be writing about?  What will my audience want?”

Maybe just let the fingers do the talking and you can create some amazing blogs.  Anyway,  whatever your field it’s important to keep a positive focus  – true?


So,  I’m stepping up and giving all of you my best attention to use free resources.  You see,  I spend much of my time learning from the experts on how to create your dream life and luckily for me these practises are definitely helping me to create my Lusher Life.  I’d love you to benefit the same way and I’d love to invite you to join other like minded folks who also are on this path.


Come on over and join us on my facebook group which is here.


Sending much love