Finding your place in the workplace

So, what do I mean?


How do you know you are doing the thing you should be doing at work?


What if you were ‘meant to be’ doing something else?  I have a lot of hairstylists follow my blog and also lots of authors too.  Now imagine you are a successful hairstylist who wants to be an author.

Think of all the types of limiting beliefs that get in the way there.  The minute you mention you ar writing a book everyone says:


They are VERY interested.

Do they all rush out to buy it?  Maybe not.  If they did what would you make?  £1?

If you spent one hour cutting someone’s hair you would be likely to earn say £50?

Looking at that,  its a kind of no brainer.  Then think of it another way.  If half the world bought your book at £1 you would be rich beyond your wildest dreams!  Hmm… food for thought.


Now the Law of Attraction coach in me suggests that you should be doing what you love and then the income will follow…. I love writing blogs and recording Vlogs.  Although they don’t instantly generate an income do they.


Ok,  you could learn more about this,  while buying my book.  (£2 investment – just over.)  Then we will all be happy.


That’s kind of you.  And kind of me.  I’d love to show others the way to turn life around.  If you read my book it will be a beginning for sure. See the reviews here: Law of Attraction Basics



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