Lola and Mo – Long distance love

Ok so here’s the deal folks – I’m writing from the heart to you right now.

It’s the only way.



I’m so very much in love.  His name is Mo.  He calls me Lola.

I’ve been blogging secretly as Lola for some time as I wasn’t sure if the business and love would mix on one blog.  How wrong I was.

I’ve realised that what I discuess on my blogs and when I write from the heart its all lifestlye stuff.  All from the heart.  So,  bravely,  i’m opening up.  I’m a woman very much in deep love with a man who sadly lives 2411 miles away from me in Sharm El Sheikh.

If I could go there, I think I would.  Though my business and children are here in the UK and I can’t up sticks and go.  So,  thankfully for me,  Mo is happy to come here and live with me.  The paperwork involved is very complex and I hope to learn from what we have been through and help other couples.

Meanwhile,  please enjoy our video story…


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