Why this blog?


There are so many people out there teaching us how to make our dream life. I love reading all that stuff.

Thing is, I’m better at just showing you my stuff in an open, honest way. My journey so far has been quite amazing. I just heard about LOA like about 4 short years ago and life has turned upside down for me.

Documenting it through blogs and v blogs I feel it will show folks the real stuff. Not always perfect or showy.
Just real

So my dream life…. I’m a full time author. With a lovely day job of helping others write online social media content for salons, and I also ‘do’ people’s hair. I enjoy the day job but need to not be location dependant all the time.  This way, I can travel to see my gorgeous fiancé who lives far away from me in Egypt.

I’m in Cairo right now with him and his family…. Ill write about this trip in my next blog… Please follow my journey 🙂


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