How to measure your weight loss success

Guess what?


I love this blog!! There are so many of you watching what I’m doing.  Which is kind of like a comfort blanket.  Let’s face it,  nobody wants to sit writing blog after blog and making Vlog after Vlog to fall on deaf ears.  It’s nice to know it’s helping someone.


Well,  over on my other, new blog,  it’s a lonely place! It’s taken off much better than i thought but I’d love to still share here with you guys if that’s ok.  Course it’s all ok,  you’re a friendly bunch.  Well,  if you want to come on over and share with me over there you will find loads of tips that you will love regarding health and weight loss.

My other blog can be found by clicking here

So please come and have a look. Feel free to share with your friends and please let me have some feedback from you.


In case you are interested in my crazy life that’s still Law of attraction based but not all so,  find my personal blog here –  the stats on this one are through the roof so there must be something you love over there too.  I’d love to find out what you like to read from me.  The way I see it,  weight loss is all a big part of the Law of Attraction.  It’s about life in general isn’t it.  Living life on purpose.


Love you’s 




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