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Welcome to my about page where you can find out a bit more about me! Who am i? What can I do for you?


My experience through the years in management have brought me to a place where I can now give back to those who need me!

I love helping out Salon owners and managers with a passion.

Yet, I’ve also helped others with self esteem, with decision making, sorting out the spaghetti head of too many ideas.  Structuring plans in a positive way is my approach to making the individual feel back in control of life.

Stopping the overwhelm.

If you know me, you will know I’m really a big fan of the Law of Attraction and have turned my own life around by using some formulas that are ,  well quite honestly, life magic!

Please ask away if you feel I can help you with one to one coaching on a personal level.  You don’t HAVE to be a business owner.  Many people just fancy a bit of help in the right direction.  You will be amazed how straightforward it can sometimes be!

For the Salon Owner:

Are you a salon owner passionate about your business? Struggling with the management due to client demand?

Lusher Salon Consultancy assist salon managers. I will come in for a one off day, or more if required and assess your salon needs to help you improve and increase profitability. Undertaking: Mystery shop

Customer service coaching

Team building

Staff appraisals

Retail sales

Social Media maximisation

Marketing needs

Organising Open Evenings

Video Testimonial Creation

Blog Writing

Staff Appraisals:

One hour per staff member

5 staff in one day

Free follow up call (30 minutes) one week later

Customer Service Coaching:

All day course including the MaGiC consultation system.

Assessment of current skills included

How to upsell


Making the client feel loved

Team Building:

Including structured team meeting

Programme setting

Moving the team forward

Dealing with issues between staff

Working together as a team

The profitability of being a team

Social media maximisation:

How to increase your online presence

Skills training for Junior staff to keep updates on Facebook, Twitter, linked in etc

Keeping clients up to date with minimal time investment

Returning client % increase

Maximising profitibility through FREE advertising

Management Brainstorm:

You as the manager and I can spend time on Skpe, phone or facebook video chat, even iphone facetime.

We will structure any ideas you have that need pushing forward, or we can simply talk about salon issues and sort them out TOGETHER.

It isn’t as hard as you think but at times you are busy working in your business not on your business. Let me help. This is an easy option.

Video Testimonial Creation:

Tell the world how happy your clients are with you.  We will come into the salon with the latest digital equipment and film your customers as they leave, including a span of the salon and staff interaction.  This is then edited and put on the web for all to see with key words to help your google ratings.

Blog Writing:

You aren’t expected to manage your salon and write like Shakespere too! Leave that to us.  Give us an outline of your story and we will creatively write this and post it to your blog pages for you.  Then it’s over to you to simply copy and paste the link to all your social media sites to keep your followers up to date. (or if you are stuck, of course we can help with that too!)


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