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Look what the flip I did!

Look how brave I am!!!!


I don’t mean just the snake in the video… (video is at the bottom of this blog)

Now yes, the snake thing was pretty scary and totally took me out of my comfort zone!


Yet while I was in this place I have previously called paradise… (you’ve heard that one before) I also fell head over heels in LOVE




Funny thing that,  love.  Now I’ve sat quietly on this for some time because…… well,   because I’m a professional person who takes her career seriously.


While my work has a few different slants,  Primarily I help salon businesses with the marketing and management of their salons.  This is no secret.

I also still do styling for  several A-listers!

Folks have been asking me for ages to teach my “secret” on how I managed to turn my life around from a gloomy place to the paradise it now is.

I was running some workshops..

Spreading the word of the Law of Attraction.  People wanted more and more of this from me.

Cut to today,  I’m still the same business woman but now I’ve opened up my life to show more and more of the personal side of me.  I’ve popped a video on Youtube which is the start of documenting how I found my ideal partner.  He and I have quite a story to share with you and we are going to be adding more and more to this channel so please go have a look, feel free to share and you must subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any more of this story!

We are hoping that people will beleive more and more that dreams do come true and I’m sharing the love via the net and it’s my dream to empower people enough to carry on making this stuff.  I need your support and hoping that with the support of amazon,  my books, the affiliate links and the like that we can keep on providing this stuff for free and continue to teach folks

“Don’t stop believing”  (sing along now) because I know that dreams really do come true!

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The news update!

Ok I have new news.

I’m able to share a new video with you detailing the news. Taking my online direction on a new slant, I hope you love it.

You need to come over to my YouTube channel (please subscribe) click here for the video

Please be kind. We are hoping to inspire and motivate people to realise dreams do come true x

Thank YOU……..and one of my secrets revealed!

Hey folks


Just wanted to write a quick check in.  I’ve been really humbled lately at how many of you are sending me messages of praise.  It’s so lovely to get positive feedback from all of you and I really appreciate it.  

As with all bloggers and business people everywhere,  lots and lots of work goes into providing an online service  – like this and I’m still very much working ‘out there’ in businesses helping with advice and strategy.  Passionate about this work,  I wake every day full of excitement for my day and I’m so happy with my latest client.  You may have seen me post,  he has increased his profit so dramtically within 5 days that we are now meeting once a month and I’m taking care of his blogs, newsletters and mentoring also once a month.   He has found his investment more than took care of itself and he no longer feels alone in his business.

Bringing home a dream for me,  I’m pretty much like the area manager that independent business owners lack.  Previously in my 20’s I was reliant on Area Manager for support and really needed this as the operations manager of a big BIG project.  Ok,  this is too much about me and I would love you to keep reading – now let’s talk about improving your life. 

NB: Notice how I didn’t say, “I don’t want you to stop reading” instead I used, “I would love you to keep reading.” These tweaks in your everyday language will help you towards the life of your dreams.  Honestly.  My life has changed so much and if you had told me 2 years ago where I would be today,  I’m not sure I would have thought you were telling the truth!

If you would love to start making your dreams come true I do still have some limited one to one slots for online help.  Although there is LOADS of free stuff out there for you,  here are some links: Come on over and join us.

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I’ll let you have a little secret as you have read this far,  Don’t buy my amazon book just yet.  That’s right…. DONT! Haha, no I haven’t gone crazy but I’m adding to the book to give you better value.  I will be adding real stories of manifestations onto the Basics to the Law of Attraction and it will be available to purchase also as a real book as lots and lots of you have told me you like a REAL book :O)  No problem,  leave it with me,  this sure is a lovey but busy time right now for me in between helping people with their business,  blogging, vlogging and travelling…….not forgetting of course the manifestations.  

I’m currently working on my biggest life changing manifestations.  Would you like to know about it? I’m keeping it just for those who email me right now but I am privately VLogging it and may load to youtube in the future, may just keep it for you lucky few.

Let’s keep in touch.  Once again,  thank you.  You’re awesome and you make me happy :O)

Much love


Louise x

Have a look at my Tree Plaque for me and my family which was awarded to us in our second home, Egypt this year.  So lucky!Image

Perceptions of Paradise

Knowing we are all different is commonplace.
Accepting that can be a little tough. 
Realising what makes us -and others- tick is a fascinating subject and one that has brought me to a place of new found freedom.
Having spent the last few days completely connected to the source within me (some of you may know what I mean when I say I’m in the vortex) I have been taken to a place which has again opened my eyes to a new world.
Since turning 40 I seem to be learning so much! You would think you know everything by then….
So, what is Paradise?
Sharing with you my thoughts and feeling of paradise may be what one other person sees as an idea of hell on earth. Sounds pretty obvious right? Well, it is! I’m not telling you anything new when I say we all have objective opinions. Here in Egypt this week I have met some amazing people as always and as I have felt so open in my vortex, it’s easy to freely communicate with new folks.
To me, where I am right now, is pure heaven on earth.
I’ll enlighten to you how I see it……
Red sea full of fish, like a scene from “Finding Nemo” yet better than that is being in the hands of experienced divers who give you the total feeling of safety. 
How can it be that the very same waters which houses some dangers can set you so at peace. When you look under water and see the natural tranquility that glides effortlessly throughout the waters everyday, the rest of the world seems so far away.
At the end of every resort (built for the holiday makers) there is a pier. Don’t imagine Eastbourne or Brighton. Much much more simple. Less complex making way for the natural beauty. 
Which is, a backdrop of mountains, the red sea, the shimmering clear waters.
Just this morning a heron came to greet me at 6am on my windy walk. Like a well rehearsed actor he glided in settling in front of me, watching for fish.
Excited, I grabbed my camera and took dozen of photos of him catching his breakfast. Despite the brightness of the suns rays blinding the pictures, I was sure there were some fab photos on there. Literally with fists punching the air with excitement, I could have screamed out,
Nature is a wonder of beauty. She is all around. Being here gives me the freedom to experience really seeing her. Not looking at, but looking through, feeling her, experiencing her, letting her in and soaking her all up.
Loving nature as I do, I always connect and ground myself no matter where I am. Last year in November was Scotland.
That was emotional! Quite a work of natural art. This October its Egypt. Sharm el Sheikh. So what sets it apart for me?
Have you ever read trip advisor? Leaving the holiday behind seems easy for many. They write on trip advisor in such a manner that you cannot fail to feel their pain of such a clearly awful trip.
The porcelain in their sink was cracked. 
Lunchtime was self service in a certain restaurant.
Beer was served in half pint not pint measures.
The sun is too hot.
The sand isn’t small enough grains.
The list is endless.
For every individual it is relative. For some, a self service restaurant may make or break the holiday. Requesting to move hotels would demonstrate how this is keeping them from connecting, getting in the vortex. What should a holiday be about? What is PARADISE?
I am thinking right now that our entire lives should be paradise. We should be connected all of the time, in the vortex. However, not only listening to Abraham Hicks but also observing while in paradise has shown me that if we spend all of our time without contrast, then the whole life experience becomes on one level. For me, the contrast will come tomorrow, when I leave paradise to come home. Leaving here the last time gave me a pain in my heart which took some getting over. This time I will try to be safe in the knowledge that I can return, making this a part of my life which I can experience at free will. Using the law of attraction I will manifest more trips which fill me up with so much happiness and connectivity. 
Staying here all the time, would I lose the desire to punch the air and shout “YESSS” when I see the heron come for breakfast? Would I take it all for granted?
Most likely.
So what has made me feel that this is paradise? 
The surroundings?
The weather?
The bouganvillia?
The food?
Well in reality they all helped. Although if I were to pick one thing to place at the top of the heat…….
It’s a feeling. 
It’s the feeling the people give you here. The locals, the holiday makers, the staff. If I could have one wish for the world, it would be that we all treat each other lovingly, with respect. Wishing for the world to be at peace.
In a bubble of happiness, I arrived here feeling like a celebrity. Somebody. I was somebody.
Somebody who was appreciated. They all smiled with big hugs and kisses and lots of “Welcome back”. If I could bottle that feeling of appreciation and being ‘somebody’…………..sigh……..what a wonderful world this would be. 

Paradise on earth

Picture this:

I’m cruising swiftly through deep blue waters. The heat is delightful at 43 degrees with the cool wind blowing.
There is a crew onboard this beautiful boat that treat all visitors simply like royalty. They cannot do enough.

After sailing for a couple of hours, dangling my legs over the side and posing bravely for photos Kate Winslett style (Titanic) there seemed to be another neighbouring boat getting excited. I more like felt the energy than saw it. One man was pointing at something with such conviction that I felt sure he was doing a catalogue pose! Suddenly, I knew assuredly what the excitement was all about.

“Oh my goodness!” I screamed out loudly, “There are dolphins!”

The two boats began honking horns, the crew calling out loudly “Dolphins” And blowing whistles and stomping their feet. The dolphins loved this…..they playfully jumped through the water, circling the boats.
My children squealed in delight at what we could see before our eyes.

After they had played with our senses for a while they were gone…..
Recovering, We sailed some more.

The expert diving crew anchored the boat in the middle of the Red Sea in what I can only call Paradise. I’ll use a capital P as it feels rude not to.
Hardly able to describe the feelings I felt, I will tell you a short story instead:
I was looking out at the Red Sea, watching the deep blue water change shades into a gorgeous pale blue turquoise as the water got more shallow leading up to an island in the middle of the sea. Covered by white sand, it simply looked like paradise. I would have loved to have taken a couple of models there for a photo shoot! Wow.
Most of my fellow travellers had left the boat to go snorkelling. Luckily they also swam to the island and walked up onto the sand to experience that paradise under their feet.

Beginning to feel quite overwhelmed by the sight before me, I took a moment looking out from the back of the boat and tried hard to control my feeling. It was like I was being grounded, rooted my feet into the world, the earth, this amazing country. Whatever was going on with me on a spiritual level that day, it moved me.
Leaning on one of the pillars at the back of the boat I couldn’t help my eyes as they filled up with tears.
Thinking noone was watching, I was softly asked by the tour guide, “I am so sorry to disturb your thoughts, but can I please ask what the English mean when they say I am pondering?”

Obviously this was a very clever way of asking me if I was ok, without actually being as blunt as that. I felt his warmth was kind.
Deciding that he probably knew exactly what pondering was, I gave a brief explanation hoping that I could speak without the emotions I felt getting worse.

I failed.

I cried.

Happy tears? Well, yes, I believe so. I’m pretty sure what I felt was “Joy” which is the thing we should all be feeling all of the time, every day of our lives. That is the highest emotion. Everything is going to be ok, because we feel Joy.
Part of me felt a little sad. What were we doing to our world? The biggest house, the fastest car, the fattest wallet, the fattest waistband (!), the lack of time for others, dashing around all day every day, stressed, just to pay the bills. This is still never good enough for us as we always want more.
Yet, right there, at that moment in time……none of this mattered.

I was having “a moment” with the universe. It was spectacular!

The tour guy and me went on to have a very very deep conversation, speaking about lifestyles and the differences between such countries and Europe. How the ladies are so happy to be treated like princesses, they just look after the family. I say JUST like it’s nothing much. Yet it’s a hard job. Rewarding, but tough. When you work full time and expect a ‘show home’ and perfect meal cooked every night before helping the children with their homework, and walk the dog, and goto the gym for the perfect body……..
On the surface of things, looking materialistically, we might be forgiven for thinking these guys have less than us. Although do they? They make time for each other, respect the world and respect each other.

Tell me, who has got it right? Studying the Law of Attraction over the past couple of years, I can clearly see from that moment and that conversation that in Egypt, the locals naturally live life by the Law of Attraction. They are at peace every day while smiling thankfully. This is something I am ‘practising’ to get good at!

Bringing about these thoughts gave me even more access to the beauty of mother nature that day. I then jumped in and snorkelled myself, I FOUND NEMO! Amazing sight.
That evening I watched a lunar eclipse in a perfectly clear sky.

I felt the universe was telling me not to walk around with my eyes closed. There is so much to see. So much Joy to be felt. Allowing myself to feel it was a true honour.