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My New book is out!

My new book is out!

The blurb on the back says this:

Have you ever realised you are obsessed with diets and weight loss? To the point where you wish you could just “Lighten up”?


Often, if you can accept that you don’t want to live on cabbage soup but rather lead a healthy, balanced life with occasional treats, then this is the book for you! The author has shared stories of old which will pull at your heart. She also has written hilariously funny descriptions of who looks back at her from the mirror.

Realising if she were to just ‘lighten up’ she might well in fact literally lighten up, Louise discovered a whole new life. Opening her up to a new pathway to help others into a healthier life, she also realised a new business.

Follow her journey from frustration to bikini wearing beach goer in this easy to read journal. Tips, tricks and even links will inspire you to lighten up too!

About the author:

Louise Usher is a passionate nutritional therapist.

With a deep love for passing on her messages and knowledge through the comfort of a loving and positive mindset. She has been helping others for years to realise that they will realise the power is within their own hands. Creating the brand A Lusher Life, you can find Louise all over the internet. She is now opening up to train others to help people with her business. You can find out all about it within this hilarious journal.
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If you know me well enough, and I think you do after reading here for all this time, you will know most of the above.

What you might not know, unless you watch the video is this: I have now got onboard with Forever Living as a consultant. So now, not only can you come to me for guidance on health and nutrition but I can also recommend some amazing products for you. I know these are amazing as I have used them and tried them!

Guess what? I documented it all for this blog and also in video form for my Youtube channel. These videos will be released next week. IT’s very very exciting. So, the book is really there as a little addition to this blog although you will get the daily updates posted on here. However, to get the extra bits and get it all in one, you can either buy it for $0.99 on Amazon or you can sign up to my email list (on the left there) to get it for free to your inbox!

Many of you will have already heard of Forever Living and I’m super excited to share everything with you that I have found. Truly, the products are of great quality and they helped me to lose 7 lbs in 9 days with a detox plan called Clean 9.

Now, don’t worry, I will still be sharing my life ramblings here too and taking you on my journey, yet at the same time, I will be sharing even more amazing recipes and letting you know about health and nutrition at the same time. So watch this space for awesome experiences.

Should you decide you also would like to be part of my business and get some free business coaching too, let me know! Watch this video to see what you could be in for with some determination and hard work!

Wishing you much love

Louise xoxo


Does food really affect your health?

Does Food really affect your health?


Who out there is getting confused?

Are you always tired?


Tummy rumbling?

Upset stomach?



We hear about so many different types of diet for weight loss that it almost drives you to lose weight in itself with the brain power you use trying to figure out what is the best thing to do.


So,  how on earth are we supposed to figure out in amongst all this if a said ‘diet’ is actually going to benefit our health too?

Worry not,  you are not alone.  There are many folks asking exactly the same question.  So weight loss aside (along with its confusion) let’s talk about health and nutrition.


My story is quite a miracle.  It’s for another blog which I very much expect has a high chance of being published really soon.  However,  I do speak from experience when I tell you that

·      without Question

·      With total conviction

·      With passion

Food affects our health.


Food AFFECTS our health.


Why is this such a mystery to our doctors?  I do get a little on my soap box even though I have total respect for our doctors and I know we need them.  Without them we sure would be in big trouble.  However, I have been avidly researching food and nutrition and its effects on our health for the past 7 years.  Actually,  it was my biggest scoring exam I left school with.  Shall I tell you a brief story?


During my school years,  I was so confused about which options to take.  My lovely Aunt told me gently,

“You really need to do a job you will enjoy and also be good at.”

Enjoy?  I thought?  Enjoy work?


Now at this age enjoying work was a new concept to me as I had watched my hard working factory parents have a terrible time at work.


Hmm, enjoy work.  Well,  I went on to take Biology and also Food and Nutrition with the hope of going on to become a Nutritionist.  However,  school advised me I would never get a job like that as there are only 4000 opportunities within the country.  So instead I went on to cook for a living and progressed to management.  All the time keeping my interest in Nutrition.


More recently,  7 years ago in fact I was diagnosed with a big issue to do with my digestion.  I will tell that story in another blog.


Having a big problem with my health at the time,  I got very sick.  It was a worrying time for me and my family and I decided to get back onto the research wagon again.


Fighting with my Dr who wanted to either perform surgery or put me onto steroids with blood infusions,  I was determined there was another way.


I’m so happy that I found a diet which was something I certainly needed to focus hard on.  This diet I will detail further another time but my point is that just 2 short years later my lovely Dr who we now carry a mutual respect,  sat in his office and said,

“I have to be honest,  I never saw someone make such a huge recovery without drugs or surgery.”


How did I do it?  Eating the right foods.  Now I see a list as long as your arm of different diets out there for all types of ailments.


We have:


Adrenal Fatigue




Crohns disease

Ulcerative Colitis




and the list goes on…


So think if IBS for example.  That’s not actually a diagnosis.  It’s a symptom.  It’s like the Dr saying “You have a headache” when you need the reason for the headache.


I know so many dozens and dozens of people who personally changed diet to realize  they could relieve symptoms.

We all seem to feel tired or lethargic at times.  We often get stomach gurgles or wind….this can all be changed with a change in diet.  Did you already know that?


However,  let’s dig deeper into the minefield of what/where/how in this blog…

The Best Mint Tea

Freshly grown mint has so many excellent properties to it if consumed!
It is easy on the stomach and relaxes the intestine. Great for trapped wind!

I could sit and list lots of excellent reasons to use mint. But trust me – it’s good for you!

So how do you consume it? From a fresh herb, pick off a few of the top leaves and infuse in water to make tea. This is far superior to dried tea bags (although they are still great).

Anyway, after a trip to the wonderful  Leon restaurant (Which I cannot recommend highly enough for customer service and amazing healthy food – even gluten free goodies) I was thrilled to find they serve what they call a mint “steeper” which is loads of full of flavour leaves in a cup.

After growing mint in my herb garden at home, I have decided to regularly make tea and I have an excellent tip for you:
Pick the mint tips fresh, place them in a mini cafetiere and top up with water. After infusing for a few minutes, plunge and pour. Then you aren’t picking bits of leaf from your teeth and it’s so delicious!

Try it!

Weight Loss emotions

Ok, so most of us have gained a few pounds here and there over the years.

A pound on, a pound off, not really noticing much.

Funny how it can add up to 7lbs, a dress size and before you know it you are joining Weight Watchers!

That happened to me. I was stunned to realise that I had spent lots of my life yo-yoing and going from quite skinny to really overweight.  Enough was enough. A neighbour talked me into joining Weight Watchers and I was up for it. I needed that level of support where somebody inspirational would help me acheive a figure just like my idol Jennifer Aniston

She is gorgeous, no denying that!
Ok so there is no way folks I’m going to post my FAT picture after this one, maybe on another post! 
Anyhow, sadly the neighbour didn’t join me at the meeting. My mum did though.
Dissapointingly, we both found the weight watchers leader far from inspiring and we left after a few weeks. Although the plan seemed easy to do we needed someone else. 
My mum found another leader who was ok and kept going, having quite a reasonable weight loss. I gave up. And gained more weight!
Wedding fast approaching, no diets working, I decided to hit the gym EVERY DAY! Thanks Roko
Much as I loved it, I didn’t loose any weight………so  I got married a very curvy (but fit!) girly.
Hubby loved me anyway and I was happy. I just craved a different look. Was that Jennifer dream gone forever?
After being spolit in Venice on honeymoon (tiramasu-YUM) and then also giving my taste buds even more to smile about in Florida for the family holiday my weight was at an all time high. I joined Weight Watchers again with high hopes. 
Desperately unhappy with how every item of clothing looked, I clung onto the leaders every word. She was Amazing with a capital A. Her name was Lee and she was the inspiration I had been waiting for. The weight came off slowly at first and although I hadn’t realised at the time, I actually had a pretty serious illness (that’s another post entirely) and once that was diagnosed I went off armed with information and decided to research.
Able now to eat according to my illness, I adapted the Weight Watchers plan and I was home and running!
3 weeks after my 40th birthday I got to my goal weight and boy did that feel good. I cannot describe the feelings of pride and joy I felt. Right up there with the good events in life!
Everybody seemed pleased for me and even school mums who I didn’t know would stop me in the street and tell me how good I looked and asked how had I done it. Can you imagine that? What a BUZZ!!!
The new Propoints plans from Weight Watchers became a new area for interest for me now as I am such a huge (Now not so huge!) ambassador for “You are what you eat” and for me, healthy eating is the key to life. If you put rubbish in, you won’t perform to your best. So this new plan made me sit up and listen. It was much more encouraging of healthy eating and I finally did agree to go on and train to be a Weight Watchers leader.
Well, I was asked to be a leader  when I lost the weight and wasn’t sure. Seemed like a lot of hard work to me. Yet this overwhelming desire to help other people like me who have been struggling makes me want to shout “Come on Down! The time is right! I’m here to help”
Starting training was a massive step and it has been very intense indeed. After qualifying, I have been to the handover of a lovely group of ladies and spent time contacting those who have missed a few weeks – “Come on down! The time is right!”
Tonight, my first group kicks off at 7pm in the Lordswood Leisure Center, Chatham. 
I will motivate and inspire these ladies and look for a nice weight loss next week! Imagine the feeling you will get from seeing that happen for these ladies.  
Watch this space for another post on how I get on!
Oh, and here is my “after” photo…
Ok so me and Jennifer look nothing alike
But as you can see, I’m happy with that!!