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Does food really affect your health?

Does Food really affect your health?


Who out there is getting confused?

Are you always tired?


Tummy rumbling?

Upset stomach?



We hear about so many different types of diet for weight loss that it almost drives you to lose weight in itself with the brain power you use trying to figure out what is the best thing to do.


So,  how on earth are we supposed to figure out in amongst all this if a said ‘diet’ is actually going to benefit our health too?

Worry not,  you are not alone.  There are many folks asking exactly the same question.  So weight loss aside (along with its confusion) let’s talk about health and nutrition.


My story is quite a miracle.  It’s for another blog which I very much expect has a high chance of being published really soon.  However,  I do speak from experience when I tell you that

·      without Question

·      With total conviction

·      With passion

Food affects our health.


Food AFFECTS our health.


Why is this such a mystery to our doctors?  I do get a little on my soap box even though I have total respect for our doctors and I know we need them.  Without them we sure would be in big trouble.  However, I have been avidly researching food and nutrition and its effects on our health for the past 7 years.  Actually,  it was my biggest scoring exam I left school with.  Shall I tell you a brief story?


During my school years,  I was so confused about which options to take.  My lovely Aunt told me gently,

“You really need to do a job you will enjoy and also be good at.”

Enjoy?  I thought?  Enjoy work?


Now at this age enjoying work was a new concept to me as I had watched my hard working factory parents have a terrible time at work.


Hmm, enjoy work.  Well,  I went on to take Biology and also Food and Nutrition with the hope of going on to become a Nutritionist.  However,  school advised me I would never get a job like that as there are only 4000 opportunities within the country.  So instead I went on to cook for a living and progressed to management.  All the time keeping my interest in Nutrition.


More recently,  7 years ago in fact I was diagnosed with a big issue to do with my digestion.  I will tell that story in another blog.


Having a big problem with my health at the time,  I got very sick.  It was a worrying time for me and my family and I decided to get back onto the research wagon again.


Fighting with my Dr who wanted to either perform surgery or put me onto steroids with blood infusions,  I was determined there was another way.


I’m so happy that I found a diet which was something I certainly needed to focus hard on.  This diet I will detail further another time but my point is that just 2 short years later my lovely Dr who we now carry a mutual respect,  sat in his office and said,

“I have to be honest,  I never saw someone make such a huge recovery without drugs or surgery.”


How did I do it?  Eating the right foods.  Now I see a list as long as your arm of different diets out there for all types of ailments.


We have:


Adrenal Fatigue




Crohns disease

Ulcerative Colitis




and the list goes on…


So think if IBS for example.  That’s not actually a diagnosis.  It’s a symptom.  It’s like the Dr saying “You have a headache” when you need the reason for the headache.


I know so many dozens and dozens of people who personally changed diet to realize  they could relieve symptoms.

We all seem to feel tired or lethargic at times.  We often get stomach gurgles or wind….this can all be changed with a change in diet.  Did you already know that?


However,  let’s dig deeper into the minefield of what/where/how in this blog…


Hay Fever Sufferer (me) changed my diet and got rid of the whole thing of symptoms for me! Amazing

See my Youtube video I made here: Hay Fever Video

Ruby’s dreams- how to figure out “that job”

Ruby felt so much more than simply confused.

Knowing she had so much to offer the world. She was a very smart girl. The brain gave much credit to the ‘smartness’ statement yet that wasn’t all that was party to the comment. Ruby was looked up to by so many of her clients. They loved her. She listened to them in an empathetic manner while using the talent of staying strong. Offering useful ways forward to create a better business or a better life, she found without question that the job she was doing proved valuable to so many. Also to her. If she was helping people she was happy.

The marvellous internet was delivering information to her ten fold. Ruby knew that if she was to package her information into digital products and sold them, of course she could make more money from doing the work once. Loving this invention, Ruby gave it lots of thought.

Learning from the experts, Ruby saw all of these people who were only working a few hours and generating that six figure income that many gurus spoke about.

Using the internet, “Hmm,” Ruby pondered for a while. She loved this idea and decided to go ahead and try it. Information overload rapidly became a way forward to set up products for business owners and folks with personal issues in life to download a the click of a button. Paying a few dollars for Ruby to ‘cer-ching’ into her paypal account and slot up a few more quid into the business account.

Sounding easy, Ruby set herself up with all the digital formats she needed, the equipment, the email lists, the marketing. As she began…..

…..Ruby felt so lonely. Her day had little or no structure, despite the wall chart of time management she had made for herself on her squeaky white board. Constantly, she felt hungry. Boredom…? Possibly.

Without allowing too much time passing, Ruby consulted a business mentor. This tall gentleman charged Ruby a pretty penny for his help. After many many questions and lots and lots of soul searching, Ruby found an underlying issue.

Limiting Belief.

Ruby had been raised to believe that she should work hard for her money, putting in lots of hours and a fair degree of stress to top off the bundle.
It felt ‘wrong’ somehow to just sit at home typing away. Even though what she was providing for people was very much of value and they were prepared to pay for it, it stopped there. Something was wrong.
Mr Brooks, or Ted as he liked to be called, took Ruby back in time. She sat on his Italian white leather chaise-longue and comfortably told Ted all the things she loved to do as a child.
“Often, we find that the job that serves our heart and soul is actually the thing we were born to do. Yet while growing up, we very often take a different path. We watch others coming home exhausted from work, grabbing a quick bite to eat and crashing into bed without speaking to their loved ones. Now, is this living Ruby?” Ted asked gently.



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Refreshing yourself – are you exhausted? 5 steps towards achieving your goal



Have you ever wondered if it’s actually possible to wake in the morning feeling refreshed?


It ‘so totally’ is…


Here’s my 5 steps towards achieving that goal.


1. STOP!!! Give yourself a break.  Realise you cannot rule the world single handedly. You sometimes need help.


2. THINK (and fantasise) about life the way you want it.  What do you want?


3. Take a half day “OFF”. This is not  a holiday, you will be working with great productivity – go somewhere with a pad and pen alone.  Make 2 lists.  One of things that bother you,  one of things you would like.  You may find common ground here.


4. DOWNLOAD a free ‘guided meditation’ to listen to before you goto sleep.  Betcha you’re asleep before it finishes.  Choose your first meditation to be relaxation. Search in Youtube for ‘guided relaxation meditation’


5. Ask for some help.  Decide what will work for you.  Do you want to be listened to?  Do you want practical help?  Do you need help to realise what you need?  You are not alone.  There’s always help out there!

The Best Mint Tea

Freshly grown mint has so many excellent properties to it if consumed!
It is easy on the stomach and relaxes the intestine. Great for trapped wind!

I could sit and list lots of excellent reasons to use mint. But trust me – it’s good for you!

So how do you consume it? From a fresh herb, pick off a few of the top leaves and infuse in water to make tea. This is far superior to dried tea bags (although they are still great).

Anyway, after a trip to the wonderful  Leon restaurant (Which I cannot recommend highly enough for customer service and amazing healthy food – even gluten free goodies) I was thrilled to find they serve what they call a mint “steeper” which is loads of full of flavour leaves in a cup.

After growing mint in my herb garden at home, I have decided to regularly make tea and I have an excellent tip for you:
Pick the mint tips fresh, place them in a mini cafetiere and top up with water. After infusing for a few minutes, plunge and pour. Then you aren’t picking bits of leaf from your teeth and it’s so delicious!

Try it!