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My New book is out!

My new book is out!

The blurb on the back says this:

Have you ever realised you are obsessed with diets and weight loss? To the point where you wish you could just “Lighten up”?


Often, if you can accept that you don’t want to live on cabbage soup but rather lead a healthy, balanced life with occasional treats, then this is the book for you! The author has shared stories of old which will pull at your heart. She also has written hilariously funny descriptions of who looks back at her from the mirror.

Realising if she were to just ‘lighten up’ she might well in fact literally lighten up, Louise discovered a whole new life. Opening her up to a new pathway to help others into a healthier life, she also realised a new business.

Follow her journey from frustration to bikini wearing beach goer in this easy to read journal. Tips, tricks and even links will inspire you to lighten up too!

About the author:

Louise Usher is a passionate nutritional therapist.

With a deep love for passing on her messages and knowledge through the comfort of a loving and positive mindset. She has been helping others for years to realise that they will realise the power is within their own hands. Creating the brand A Lusher Life, you can find Louise all over the internet. She is now opening up to train others to help people with her business. You can find out all about it within this hilarious journal.
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If you know me well enough, and I think you do after reading here for all this time, you will know most of the above.

What you might not know, unless you watch the video is this: I have now got onboard with Forever Living as a consultant. So now, not only can you come to me for guidance on health and nutrition but I can also recommend some amazing products for you. I know these are amazing as I have used them and tried them!

Guess what? I documented it all for this blog and also in video form for my Youtube channel. These videos will be released next week. IT’s very very exciting. So, the book is really there as a little addition to this blog although you will get the daily updates posted on here. However, to get the extra bits and get it all in one, you can either buy it for $0.99 on Amazon or you can sign up to my email list (on the left there) to get it for free to your inbox!

Many of you will have already heard of Forever Living and I’m super excited to share everything with you that I have found. Truly, the products are of great quality and they helped me to lose 7 lbs in 9 days with a detox plan called Clean 9.

Now, don’t worry, I will still be sharing my life ramblings here too and taking you on my journey, yet at the same time, I will be sharing even more amazing recipes and letting you know about health and nutrition at the same time. So watch this space for awesome experiences.

Should you decide you also would like to be part of my business and get some free business coaching too, let me know! Watch this video to see what you could be in for with some determination and hard work!

Wishing you much love

Louise xoxo


Part 2 of Ruby’s dream job journey

Hey! So many of you really seemed to enjoy the first part of the short story I wrote about Ruby finding her dream job and sadly for me, the second part disappeared into cyberspace.  However, we can’t leave Ruby sitting there can we! (statement not question).  I’m hoping that you will all take away a little bit of FREE coaching from this story.  It’s a different, yet interesting way to ‘get the point’ without asking you to read reams and reams of ‘do this/don’t do that’.   Let’s face it,  we mostly ignore the don’ts anyway….. {Cheeky giggle} So go ahead and see how you can use this coaching in your life.  If you want more help from me, just please ask….my door is open.


Ruby agreed with Ted that in fact the commuter, 9-5er was not her ideal of living,  although it was something she could more easily grasp the hang of.  Why?  Because it fitted with the ideal that she had been programmed to believe.  This must be the right way?


Shifting her pert bottom slightly more to the middle of the chaise-longue she continued to listen.

“Now think for a minute Ruby,  think back to when you were a child.  What would you do all day long?  But happily?” Ted asked in a firm yet soft manner.  Ruby felt comfortable with this question.  After a minute of eye rolling to the lightbulbs she announced,

“I really loved playing the keyboard.  Loved it so much I would sit there all day long.  I would put on a piece of music  I liked and try to find the first note.  I always found it easy to go up and down the keys depending on the melody line.  I loved playing the keyboard.  I’m sure I remember Dad telling me one day I would have lessons.  Though i’m pretty sure I chose dance lessons instead.  I expect I was better at dance than the keyboard.”

“Ok, so were you any good at it?  Could you teach it or be a concert pianist?  Were the practical skills in place to make this your dream job?” Ted asked inquisitively.

“No way!!” Ruby laughed, “I didn’t even really learn how to read music properly.” She pondered for a minute as she tried to remember what she had learnt in school music classes…..

‘Every good boy deserves football? F>A>C>E??’

She really wasn’t sure but, something like that. 

“Hmm, the other thing I loved….” Ruby started with a twinkle of delight in her eye, “I loved writing.  I would write all the time,  practising my handwriting.  Tried out lots of different styles too.  I can still write in lots of different styles now.  Oh,  I remember now,  I used to make posters out of a kind of bubbly type of writing… like a 3d sort of effect.  Letters,  I used to write lots and lots of letters.  For years I kept a detailed journal too.  I loved writing that sort of stuff.  In fact I still do really.”

Ted brought Ruby back from dreamland where she was sitting on a cloud of writing heaven. “Brilliant!  Ever written pieces for publication?”

“Oh God of course! There were many poems I won competitions for,  loads got into print.  I was always doing stuff like that.” Ruby matter of factly stated.

Quietly and calmly,  trying not to demonstrate the excitement of finding the Holy Grail Ted asked,  “Hmm,  interesting Ruby.  Ever thought about writing for a living?”

“Like an author you mean?  Or do you mean like writing copy for websites and leaflets and stuff?”

“Yes Ruby like,  that thing that makes your heart sing,  that thing that made the twinkle just appear in your eye. The thing that could keep you up all night and you wouldn’t realise how tired you are.  Whatever it is that you would enjoy doing even if there was no money involved.”

“Well, that might well be novels then,  hmm,  yeah well I’ve written two of those already.  Did them one winter when I was bored and work was quiet.  Tho I have no idea where the manuscripts are now.  But yes,  I really did love doing that.  That’s ‘my thing’ that’s the thing I’m kind of famous for among my people.  Well, that and giving them advice of course.” She chuckled from her belly.  Not realising the discovery that had just been made. 


Ruby was now on her way to becoming a published author.  She had no idea this was just about to be suggested to her.  Although when she looked back to this moment,  she would never forget that italian white leather furniture and the contrasting tram lines ironed up the shin of Ted’s otherwise perfect suit. 

A Lusher Life seminar – turning life around using the Law of Attraction

A Lusher Life – Tickets

A Lusher Life seminar – how to turn life around using the Law of Attraction
Since you ask, “So what exactly are these seminars?” I’ll tell you.
We don’t want everyone to know as they will all want a piece of it. So it’s just between you, me and the World Wide Web……ok.?
Now of course we do want everyone to know – what once was – The Secret. So this is the reason I am holding my seminars/workshops.  Even you (YOU) can be totally in control of your life and manifest everything you wish for using the power of positivity.
How do I know this? Myself, I have managed to turn life around and I’m so thankful to say I have more ups than downs. Whereas before, I used to be a person who always had something ‘happening to them’.
You may be nodding now, knowing this is you.  Why doesn’t that friend return the phone call?  Why do you seem short on money?  Why do you catch every red traffic light?  Why? Why? Why?
By learning how to use the law of attraction in everyday life,  I have started to create the life of my dreams and wishes and feel it is a real need to show you how to do this too.  The future is bright, and full of exciting workshops to show you how to change life for the better.  I am also so excited to be helping businesses who want to help staff to have a better outlook,  be appreciative of the good things in life and be able to attract even more good stuff!  The businesses I have worked with have seen a real turn around and it is even affecting their profitability.  I didn’t doubt it would, maybe they did.
2012 sees me now taking on speaking events again which is even more exciting than before.  I’m just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary story. 
The next event which is Tuesday 24th January will be telling you a bit about how to create the life and we will then show you :The Art of Allowing. Without this you may take all the correct steps to manifest more money,  your perfect partner,  the perfect body,  health,  travel and so on but you will not see the rewards.  The Art of Allowing is crucial.
So tickets are now on sale by clicking here:
We are also going to encourage a half hour networking opportunity to begin with. This will give all of you the chance to exchange business cards and introduce what you do.  Think BIG.
You can see some video testimonials from the last fully booked workshop by clicking here: