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Welcome to May 2015

Welcome to May 2015
Goodness gracious it’s May!


I’ve not posted in ages on this blog!

Seems like just yesterday the party poppers were out and we were saying happy new year!

So this blog post is open, raw and vulnerable.
At times life throws you a curveball. What does that even mean?
It’s used a lot in American Films. I guess it’s when something comes along to challenge you, your mood, things as you know them.

Trusting always in nature, the universe and all I mostly feel that everything is leading us somewhere, taking us somewhere. Yesterday I struggled to make sense of things.
I had news from the Doctor that I am struggling to absorb some minerals. Darn you Crohns disease.
“Even though you are in remission, this will be down to the Crohns.”

For ages now, my health has been good (for someone with Crohns), just not quite right. Something it’s hard to put your finger on. Revealing to you know that I have been being treated for anxiety.

Me? Anxiety? It’s just not something I wanted to comprehend. I’m great at relaxing, meditated every day so where the flip did that come from. Now, it seems there is a physical reason for this.

Aha moment.

Within the body, there are all sorts of systems silently working to keep everything ticking along just as it should. Funnily enough I am taking a big ol’ biology exam on this today. It’s called homeostasis. Things like: keeping your blood sugar levels as they should be. You know? Well, for me, it seems one of those systems is out of kilter. My blood calcium levels. It’s at the point that my body is taking calcium from my bones to attempt to keep the calcium levels as they should be. This makes me feel so so sad.
Typically, for people with Crohns, we can be deficient in Vitamin D (which helps to absorb calcium) and this is me in both cases.
The symptoms I have been getting are likely to be what has caused the anxiety symptoms as my electrolyte balance is all off. It causes irregular heartbeat, which is a scary one.

Feeling low and ‘bruised’ I am determined to get back on top of this. I have such a massive reason for needing great health. That thing called life. I want to really live it! So more research is on its way to once again give my body what it needs to function and do it’s job, once again silently.

As it’s May the 1st you can rest assured that there is big news coming from me in the following few days. I’m excited to share this new life change with you. It will be of benefit to us all! Yes that’s right, not just me and my health but to you and yours too. I’m excited to do a big reveal and I’m just awaiting a bit of paperwork and then we are off and running!
Meanwhile, back to that thing called ‘living’. My amazing group of friends who are collectively called the Global Stars are sharing our new intro video. It’s like, well, makes me feel like marshmallow inside. Go and check it out. Gives you something to watch each day for 5 minutes while having your coffee!

Global Stars Video 


Winter walk on the beach

An uphill climb sometimes?
Life had been overly busy.

As usual, frantic times were to be had in the Usher household.

Too much to do, not enough time to do it. The usual kind of thing you would find in any house. Feeling a little overwhelm and sadness along with a good pinch of resentment coming in; I realised.

It was definitely time.

Time to get out in nature and blow away the cobwebs. I didn’t seem to mind that it was the middle of winter. Nor did it matter to me that it might be amazingly cold on the beach.

Pulling up the handbrake of the car, tired eyes grew wide as we looked down to the beach below. Tidal seas had taken the water far away from the beach, leaving playful rock pools to explore and just the right amount of depth for small furry paws to dip.
The beach was going to host us on this day and that was that!

The brightest of blue skies

Harley was keen to come and get his feet wet and a coat full of sand. That was just fine. We all needed our legs stretched and i had decided we would make it a very long walk!
Small paw prints on the golden sand.

Margate Clock tower.

Sun blazing, the sky was as blue as the equatic skies. Lucky with the warmth, we could not quite fathom the weather. This was February. The time of year when spring begins but to have felt the warmth on our skin was amazing.

Aching feet but happy souls, we walked several miles. Even Harleys little legs.

Just what the universe needed us to do. Get grounded. Be in the nature.

Without taking time to stock, things can go bang.

Until the next bit of pressure of time, or unpleasantness that can so often be coupled with human beings, I was in a state of calm. The natural surroundings of our local beach in Kent had healed once again.

I love this place. Goodness does it know how to talk nicely to people.


Just its energy. It’s feeling.

Thank you, nature.


This fella watching over the sea. Inhabitants behind forget to.

Help please- -time for a new blog?

Hi there to all the lovely folks reading this blog.

Could you kindly help me with a comment below? You see, if you follow this blog avidly, you will know that I am pretty soon off to University to venture into the world of Dietetics.
If that sounds like a foreign word to you, it’s all about Nutrition and at the end of it (after successfully graduating and registering) I will be able to practise as a Registered Dietitian.

Looking on the internet, there are many blogs about cooking, health, weight loss etc but for the budding dietitian like me, there really aren’t so many student blogs.

So I would love to share my experiences on the blog platform as always. Yet I’m unsure as to if I should use this pretty popular blog or start a totally new one.

I’d love your opinions on this. Of course it will sometimes be technical stuff but often written with the reader in mind and more about the life experience within the Uni. Which kind of fits into this Law of Attraction/lifestyle blog.

Please take a few minutes to leave me a comment below and I will keep you posted in return. I will either share a new website and blog with you, or I will let you know on here where I will place it within this website.

Thanks guys, you’re so awesome.

Much love

Louise xoxox

Here’s the other blog announcing the news to become an RD

Thank you- to YOU

Hey folks,  I’ve not posted here in  a while.  I’ve been super busy with the day job and also posting loads on other blogs



A Lusher Life (on blogspot)

Both which are doing amazingly well.  I was having a quick look at the stats on this blog too and i’m so happy to see the audience is still there.  So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


It’s lovely to see that you are all still reading my stuff and I’m a step closer to being the best selling author I would love to be.  I’m going to set my goal to publish my next book early in 2014 and I’m super excited about it.


I’m very aware that I cover lots of subjects under the “lusher life” brand and I’m so excited to know what you would like to see from me so please do leave me a comment and keep me informed of what it is you love about this blog.


Come on over and visit the others too! I’d love to see you there


Wishing you a happy December 27th….much love


Louise xoxox


Want a note from the Universe to make you smile?

Each day I get these lovely messages from the Universe…..


The make me smile and they give me hope if I’m feeling low.  Would you like some too?  There’s no point to it really and I’m not an affiliate here but….I’m a firm believer as you all know by now that how we feel and what we think can affect our outcome of our day.  So go ahead and have a look at this website from Mike Dooley of the Secret.  You can sign up for your own messages too in order to put a smile on your face.


If you want to know more about this stuff,  you can get my little book for kindle or iOS device or in print by going to my amazon page here. 

“When it comes to having big dreams, Louise, I know it can feel like you’re kidding yourself.

And when it comes to making big decisions, I know it can feel like you’re all alone.

Would it help you to know that you’re a really big deal here? That you’ve already moved mountains? That you will do even greater things than you can now imagine? 

You crack us up,
    The Universe”