Who’s using the Law of Attraction to win I’m a celebrity?

Do you watch I’m a celebrity?


Tonight is the final! Can you believe it already?


Now I must admit I’ve been watching and I do have a pretty strong opinion about some of the politics in there but that’s because I think with my heart on matters of social acceptance so i’m not going to speak about that.


However,  as for Kian………..I’ve been watching him.


When they very first began calling out the names for the bush tucker trials he would say with total conviction:


“It’s not me.”


Even before Ant and Dec said it.


The next day…




“It’s not me.”  again with complete and utter belief that it wasn’t going to be him.  He was right everytime.


Turning to my children I said,  “He’s using the Law of Attraction.  He might not even know it.”


Yesterday at the semi final he actually was seeming quite thankful and relieved almost in a slightly not knowing way.  If his faith has wavered he may not bring home the crown.


Being a Westlife singer,  I’m pretty sure the boys would have had lots of mind coaching/life coaching/ Positivity coaching which will use many of the same techniques that if he applies them today,  he could win.


I’m hoping that he will spend some time clearing his mind,  focus and get the total conviction he needs to win.  Apparently he really is up for winning and would love to take home the crown.  So long as he focuses today and does some visualisation techniques he can do it!


Let’s watch this space with excitement.



Inflammatory Bowel Disease: by the numbers by Stephanie Hughes

Crohnie Man

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: by the numbers

by Stephanie   Hughes


1,400,000: Americans living with IBD

70,000: New cases of IBD diagnosed in the U.S. each year

50,000: Children in the U.S. diagnosed with IBD

1932: Year Dr. Burrill B. Crohn first described the disease that would become known as Crohn’s disease

5: Types of Crohn’s disease (IleocolitisIleitis, Gastroduodenal Crohn’s disease, Jejunoileitis, Crohn’s colitisHere’s some more info on this)

70%: People with Crohn’s disease who will eventually require surgery

20%: People with ulcerative colitis who will also have a close relative with the disease

750,000: Annual physician visits by IBD patients

100,000: Hospitalizations every year of IBD patients

119,000: Patients on disability a year due to IBD

30%: Patients who have surgery for Crohn’s disease and will experience recurrence of their symptoms within three years (increases to…

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Tony Robbins number one coach free ebook – life changing stuff!

I couldn’t put this book down for the past 2 days!! It has been more than powerful.


Let me tell you,  if you have ever felt like people don’t quite understand you,  or you have been stuck in a place where you maybe feel you are self sabotaging,  then this is a must read!


Just 100 short pages packed with content you must read this book.  



 (Striking gold!)



However to get the free ebook click here 


Let me tell you what I learnt from it.  I’ve learned that the dreams and ambitions I have for my goals with my career have actually been sabotaged by myself.  Worried what others might think,  worried that one single person will ridicule me for what I’m sharing.


However,  Tony Robbins who is nothing much less than a saint in my eyes,  has even has someone ridicule him.  For Tony’s followers this seems completely unbelievable.


So,  here I am all fired up and I’m blinking well going to take on the world with my writing ambition and make it my full time life purpose.  I’m actually documenting as I go so that will also be another book.


This blog is thankfully getting lots of hits now and I’m truly grateful.  Will you be really kind to share to love for me to achieve my dream.  I’d love it if you would share my blog posts on your networks for me and also leave me a comment and click a like if you are on my Youtube channel :O)


Thanks so much  – sending much love – enjoy the book


Louise x


 ps come on over to my other blog where you can purchase the full book through the link