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Look what the flip I did!

Look how brave I am!!!!


I don’t mean just the snake in the video… (video is at the bottom of this blog)

Now yes, the snake thing was pretty scary and totally took me out of my comfort zone!


Yet while I was in this place I have previously called paradise… (you’ve heard that one before) I also fell head over heels in LOVE




Funny thing that,  love.  Now I’ve sat quietly on this for some time because…… well,   because I’m a professional person who takes her career seriously.


While my work has a few different slants,  Primarily I help salon businesses with the marketing and management of their salons.  This is no secret.

I also still do styling for  several A-listers!

Folks have been asking me for ages to teach my “secret” on how I managed to turn my life around from a gloomy place to the paradise it now is.

I was running some workshops..

Spreading the word of the Law of Attraction.  People wanted more and more of this from me.

Cut to today,  I’m still the same business woman but now I’ve opened up my life to show more and more of the personal side of me.  I’ve popped a video on Youtube which is the start of documenting how I found my ideal partner.  He and I have quite a story to share with you and we are going to be adding more and more to this channel so please go have a look, feel free to share and you must subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any more of this story!

We are hoping that people will beleive more and more that dreams do come true and I’m sharing the love via the net and it’s my dream to empower people enough to carry on making this stuff.  I need your support and hoping that with the support of amazon,  my books, the affiliate links and the like that we can keep on providing this stuff for free and continue to teach folks

“Don’t stop believing”  (sing along now) because I know that dreams really do come true!

Youtube video

Find me here: Author page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00C1KEE5E





Finding your place in the workplace

So, what do I mean?


How do you know you are doing the thing you should be doing at work?


What if you were ‘meant to be’ doing something else?  I have a lot of hairstylists follow my blog and also lots of authors too.  Now imagine you are a successful hairstylist who wants to be an author.

Think of all the types of limiting beliefs that get in the way there.  The minute you mention you ar writing a book everyone says:


They are VERY interested.

Do they all rush out to buy it?  Maybe not.  If they did what would you make?  £1?

If you spent one hour cutting someone’s hair you would be likely to earn say £50?

Looking at that,  its a kind of no brainer.  Then think of it another way.  If half the world bought your book at £1 you would be rich beyond your wildest dreams!  Hmm… food for thought.


Now the Law of Attraction coach in me suggests that you should be doing what you love and then the income will follow…. I love writing blogs and recording Vlogs.  Although they don’t instantly generate an income do they.


Ok,  you could learn more about this,  while buying my book.  (£2 investment – just over.)  Then we will all be happy.


That’s kind of you.  And kind of me.  I’d love to show others the way to turn life around.  If you read my book it will be a beginning for sure. See the reviews here: Law of Attraction Basics



What is smash words?

Ohh I’m very excited to let you see this link I’ve just found.

Click here 

It explains what Smashwords is.  I should write a very long blog about getting your own book out there but instead I’ll let you have a look here.

Did you ever think it is impossible to write and publish your own book?  Well Impossible can be read as

“I’m possible”

Great news!!

“Publish” is now something that happens at a click of a button.  Why couldn’t you write?  Go on, think about it….

How do I begin writing each day?

I’ve been asked a brilliant and interesting question – “How do you center yourself and get started each day as I seem to waste the first 10-15 minutes figuring out what to say?”


I started thinking over this answer and most likely, like many of you,  I started by thinking of a text book answer.

To be totally upfront and honest,  I was going to say:

Try placing your feet both flat on the floor.

Imagine the roots of a tree pulling you into the ground,  centering you and grounding you.

See with your inner eye a beam of golden light going through the top of your head right through your body.

Take a deep breath in and slowly release through your mouth.

Click your fingers and place them on the keyboard and see what comes.


Now: Of course you can use this technique!

For me,  I tend to find I always have loads to say and it just seems to flow.  

Can I be really honest with you? I, like many of my writer friends I know just seem to sit and feel the flow and just type.  Often not needing to make too many editorial changes.  When I read back over my writing it sounds like a different person than me.  As if something magic happens.  This shows that within our own subconsious mind there is for sure something going on that is not in our consious mind.  I know this of me which is honestly why I feel when I write something down,  the reader gets better value out of me than if it’s not written.

Do you find this as a writer?  When you blog,  magic happens?

I’m so lucky with my Salon Managers who ask me to manage and write their blogs for them,  it is packed full of information but also with a feeling and a flow full of information! This is a role I LOVE and clients of the salons love it too,  feeling connected as part of a community.

I’m interested to know,  what style do you write in?  What gets you going?  Do you use someone else? 

Of course,  there’s always the old favourite,  intending it through the law of attraction.

Read my book on Law of Attraction by clicking here

Have an awesome day 

Part 2 of Ruby’s dream job journey

Hey! So many of you really seemed to enjoy the first part of the short story I wrote about Ruby finding her dream job http://lusherlife.co.uk/2013/03/27/923/ and sadly for me, the second part disappeared into cyberspace.  However, we can’t leave Ruby sitting there can we! (statement not question).  I’m hoping that you will all take away a little bit of FREE coaching from this story.  It’s a different, yet interesting way to ‘get the point’ without asking you to read reams and reams of ‘do this/don’t do that’.   Let’s face it,  we mostly ignore the don’ts anyway….. {Cheeky giggle} So go ahead and see how you can use this coaching in your life.  If you want more help from me, just please ask….my door is open.


Ruby agreed with Ted that in fact the commuter, 9-5er was not her ideal of living,  although it was something she could more easily grasp the hang of.  Why?  Because it fitted with the ideal that she had been programmed to believe.  This must be the right way?


Shifting her pert bottom slightly more to the middle of the chaise-longue she continued to listen.

“Now think for a minute Ruby,  think back to when you were a child.  What would you do all day long?  But happily?” Ted asked in a firm yet soft manner.  Ruby felt comfortable with this question.  After a minute of eye rolling to the lightbulbs she announced,

“I really loved playing the keyboard.  Loved it so much I would sit there all day long.  I would put on a piece of music  I liked and try to find the first note.  I always found it easy to go up and down the keys depending on the melody line.  I loved playing the keyboard.  I’m sure I remember Dad telling me one day I would have lessons.  Though i’m pretty sure I chose dance lessons instead.  I expect I was better at dance than the keyboard.”

“Ok, so were you any good at it?  Could you teach it or be a concert pianist?  Were the practical skills in place to make this your dream job?” Ted asked inquisitively.

“No way!!” Ruby laughed, “I didn’t even really learn how to read music properly.” She pondered for a minute as she tried to remember what she had learnt in school music classes…..

‘Every good boy deserves football? F>A>C>E??’

She really wasn’t sure but, something like that. 

“Hmm, the other thing I loved….” Ruby started with a twinkle of delight in her eye, “I loved writing.  I would write all the time,  practising my handwriting.  Tried out lots of different styles too.  I can still write in lots of different styles now.  Oh,  I remember now,  I used to make posters out of a kind of bubbly type of writing… like a 3d sort of effect.  Letters,  I used to write lots and lots of letters.  For years I kept a detailed journal too.  I loved writing that sort of stuff.  In fact I still do really.”

Ted brought Ruby back from dreamland where she was sitting on a cloud of writing heaven. “Brilliant!  Ever written pieces for publication?”

“Oh God of course! There were many poems I won competitions for,  loads got into print.  I was always doing stuff like that.” Ruby matter of factly stated.

Quietly and calmly,  trying not to demonstrate the excitement of finding the Holy Grail Ted asked,  “Hmm,  interesting Ruby.  Ever thought about writing for a living?”

“Like an author you mean?  Or do you mean like writing copy for websites and leaflets and stuff?”

“Yes Ruby like,  that thing that makes your heart sing,  that thing that made the twinkle just appear in your eye. The thing that could keep you up all night and you wouldn’t realise how tired you are.  Whatever it is that you would enjoy doing even if there was no money involved.”

“Well, that might well be novels then,  hmm,  yeah well I’ve written two of those already.  Did them one winter when I was bored and work was quiet.  Tho I have no idea where the manuscripts are now.  But yes,  I really did love doing that.  That’s ‘my thing’ that’s the thing I’m kind of famous for among my people.  Well, that and giving them advice of course.” She chuckled from her belly.  Not realising the discovery that had just been made. 


Ruby was now on her way to becoming a published author.  She had no idea this was just about to be suggested to her.  Although when she looked back to this moment,  she would never forget that italian white leather furniture and the contrasting tram lines ironed up the shin of Ted’s otherwise perfect suit.