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My New book is out!

My new book is out!

The blurb on the back says this:

Have you ever realised you are obsessed with diets and weight loss? To the point where you wish you could just “Lighten up”?


Often, if you can accept that you don’t want to live on cabbage soup but rather lead a healthy, balanced life with occasional treats, then this is the book for you! The author has shared stories of old which will pull at your heart. She also has written hilariously funny descriptions of who looks back at her from the mirror.

Realising if she were to just ‘lighten up’ she might well in fact literally lighten up, Louise discovered a whole new life. Opening her up to a new pathway to help others into a healthier life, she also realised a new business.

Follow her journey from frustration to bikini wearing beach goer in this easy to read journal. Tips, tricks and even links will inspire you to lighten up too!

About the author:

Louise Usher is a passionate nutritional therapist.

With a deep love for passing on her messages and knowledge through the comfort of a loving and positive mindset. She has been helping others for years to realise that they will realise the power is within their own hands. Creating the brand A Lusher Life, you can find Louise all over the internet. She is now opening up to train others to help people with her business. You can find out all about it within this hilarious journal.
* * * * * * ** * * ** ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *

If you know me well enough, and I think you do after reading here for all this time, you will know most of the above.

What you might not know, unless you watch the video is this: I have now got onboard with Forever Living as a consultant. So now, not only can you come to me for guidance on health and nutrition but I can also recommend some amazing products for you. I know these are amazing as I have used them and tried them!

Guess what? I documented it all for this blog and also in video form for my Youtube channel. These videos will be released next week. IT’s very very exciting. So, the book is really there as a little addition to this blog although you will get the daily updates posted on here. However, to get the extra bits and get it all in one, you can either buy it for $0.99 on Amazon or you can sign up to my email list (on the left there) to get it for free to your inbox!

Many of you will have already heard of Forever Living and I’m super excited to share everything with you that I have found. Truly, the products are of great quality and they helped me to lose 7 lbs in 9 days with a detox plan called Clean 9.

Now, don’t worry, I will still be sharing my life ramblings here too and taking you on my journey, yet at the same time, I will be sharing even more amazing recipes and letting you know about health and nutrition at the same time. So watch this space for awesome experiences.

Should you decide you also would like to be part of my business and get some free business coaching too, let me know! Watch this video to see what you could be in for with some determination and hard work!

Wishing you much love

Louise xoxo


Tony Robbins number one coach free ebook – life changing stuff!

I couldn’t put this book down for the past 2 days!! It has been more than powerful.


Let me tell you,  if you have ever felt like people don’t quite understand you,  or you have been stuck in a place where you maybe feel you are self sabotaging,  then this is a must read!


Just 100 short pages packed with content you must read this book.  



 (Striking gold!)



However to get the free ebook click here 


Let me tell you what I learnt from it.  I’ve learned that the dreams and ambitions I have for my goals with my career have actually been sabotaged by myself.  Worried what others might think,  worried that one single person will ridicule me for what I’m sharing.


However,  Tony Robbins who is nothing much less than a saint in my eyes,  has even has someone ridicule him.  For Tony’s followers this seems completely unbelievable.


So,  here I am all fired up and I’m blinking well going to take on the world with my writing ambition and make it my full time life purpose.  I’m actually documenting as I go so that will also be another book.


This blog is thankfully getting lots of hits now and I’m truly grateful.  Will you be really kind to share to love for me to achieve my dream.  I’d love it if you would share my blog posts on your networks for me and also leave me a comment and click a like if you are on my Youtube channel :O)


Thanks so much  – sending much love – enjoy the book


Louise x


 ps come on over to my other blog where you can purchase the full book through the link

Free Law of Attraction book for you from me!

Free Law of Attraction book for you from me!


Hey folks

Want to change your life then?? Huh?  Ok, come over…….sit down and read….

After promising this to you,  here it is – a Free edition of my ebook!

This can be bought on Amazon in print too or kindle edition right away by clicking here and following the link.  However,  I wouldlove to give you a copy for free!

I’m so proud of my little book.  Learning all about the Law of Attraction has changed my life.  Thing is,  it can be complicated to understand sometimes so here is the beginners version!

To get your free copy I’d love you to follow me on all my platforms if you would be so kind.  
Find out all of them click here 

But to get to the nitty gritty, you need to be on my email list for me to be able to send you the book directly to your email inbox.  Sign up by clicking here and once everyone is onboard I’ll be sending out the book for you! It’s a little mini read that is so powerful it will have you slapping your forehead in disbelief that you didn’t know this stuff before!

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A lady helped me with my blogging for free! Here’s how…

Hello there folks.  It’s not often that your dreams come true without investing in yourself.


You know the type of thing like you might come across spending some money on a coaching package or such?  Well, I do agree we should all invest in time and money to get mentoring and the like but I’ll be totally honest with you here:  I stumbled across a lady on YouTube who seems completely bonkers!

Well, she is and she freely admits it herself! Bless her.  Leonie Dawson.  Have you heard of her?  Well the thing I love about her is that she is very generous. Her packages (lots of free stuff) are nicely priced.  She doesn’t rip people off.


Love her,  as I loved her so much she has asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing her links with you.  

They are over on my other, very personal blog so come take a look here and you will see her banner on the right hand side and the blog post there explaining about the free stuff too.


I really hope she helps you as much as she did me.  

Look what the flip I did!

Look how brave I am!!!!


I don’t mean just the snake in the video… (video is at the bottom of this blog)

Now yes, the snake thing was pretty scary and totally took me out of my comfort zone!


Yet while I was in this place I have previously called paradise… (you’ve heard that one before) I also fell head over heels in LOVE




Funny thing that,  love.  Now I’ve sat quietly on this for some time because…… well,   because I’m a professional person who takes her career seriously.


While my work has a few different slants,  Primarily I help salon businesses with the marketing and management of their salons.  This is no secret.

I also still do styling for  several A-listers!

Folks have been asking me for ages to teach my “secret” on how I managed to turn my life around from a gloomy place to the paradise it now is.

I was running some workshops..

Spreading the word of the Law of Attraction.  People wanted more and more of this from me.

Cut to today,  I’m still the same business woman but now I’ve opened up my life to show more and more of the personal side of me.  I’ve popped a video on Youtube which is the start of documenting how I found my ideal partner.  He and I have quite a story to share with you and we are going to be adding more and more to this channel so please go have a look, feel free to share and you must subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any more of this story!

We are hoping that people will beleive more and more that dreams do come true and I’m sharing the love via the net and it’s my dream to empower people enough to carry on making this stuff.  I need your support and hoping that with the support of amazon,  my books, the affiliate links and the like that we can keep on providing this stuff for free and continue to teach folks

“Don’t stop believing”  (sing along now) because I know that dreams really do come true!

Youtube video

Find me here: Author page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B00C1KEE5E






FREE resources to keep your focus on track





It’s been so long since I’ve been here….my stats have fallen..like, badly….so I’m guessing that I seemed to have lost my focus for about 3 weeks.


How bad is that?

Just goes to show that all these professional bloggers and authors who say you must keep blogging and once a month showing up simply isn’t enough, well, they are right aren’t they.


So what makes you lose your focus? In a nutshell life can take over at times and if you can’t see a benefit to yourself (let’s face it a little bit of selfishness is totally necessary in life) then you can easily just ‘not bother’.


For me,  life was incredibly draining of energy in other areas – all in a good way –  and I’ve just not been here.  In fact,  we often spend time just thinking, 

“What direction should I take?  What should I be writing about?  What will my audience want?”

Maybe just let the fingers do the talking and you can create some amazing blogs.  Anyway,  whatever your field it’s important to keep a positive focus  – true?


So,  I’m stepping up and giving all of you my best attention to use free resources.  You see,  I spend much of my time learning from the experts on how to create your dream life and luckily for me these practises are definitely helping me to create my Lusher Life.  I’d love you to benefit the same way and I’d love to invite you to join other like minded folks who also are on this path.


Come on over and join us on my facebook group which is here.


Sending much love