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Early morning countryside

Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new week!


I’m really and honestly feeling so excited and positive and happy I’m so sure I could burst like an overfilled balloon right now. {wants to insert smiley face here}


So,  I’ve been randomly taking out my camera and taking some shots here and there and it has inspired me to share more pictures with you in my blog posts.  Currently as I type my Nikon is charging ready for action!



My son went for a day out with his Dad to go fishing for the day,  I decided while the birds were still singing I would take a few photos.  It’s a grounding place and time.












How do I begin writing each day?

I’ve been asked a brilliant and interesting question – “How do you center yourself and get started each day as I seem to waste the first 10-15 minutes figuring out what to say?”


I started thinking over this answer and most likely, like many of you,  I started by thinking of a text book answer.

To be totally upfront and honest,  I was going to say:

Try placing your feet both flat on the floor.

Imagine the roots of a tree pulling you into the ground,  centering you and grounding you.

See with your inner eye a beam of golden light going through the top of your head right through your body.

Take a deep breath in and slowly release through your mouth.

Click your fingers and place them on the keyboard and see what comes.


Now: Of course you can use this technique!

For me,  I tend to find I always have loads to say and it just seems to flow.  

Can I be really honest with you? I, like many of my writer friends I know just seem to sit and feel the flow and just type.  Often not needing to make too many editorial changes.  When I read back over my writing it sounds like a different person than me.  As if something magic happens.  This shows that within our own subconsious mind there is for sure something going on that is not in our consious mind.  I know this of me which is honestly why I feel when I write something down,  the reader gets better value out of me than if it’s not written.

Do you find this as a writer?  When you blog,  magic happens?

I’m so lucky with my Salon Managers who ask me to manage and write their blogs for them,  it is packed full of information but also with a feeling and a flow full of information! This is a role I LOVE and clients of the salons love it too,  feeling connected as part of a community.

I’m interested to know,  what style do you write in?  What gets you going?  Do you use someone else? 

Of course,  there’s always the old favourite,  intending it through the law of attraction.

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Have an awesome day