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Hair condition – Professional hair products?

Are professional hair products really worth the investment?


To be honest,  YES!



Having a long career in the hairdressing industry I do feel qualified to let you know that the best thing you can do for your hair is invest wisely in the best products you can.


You will find a video below to give you more information but to be honest,  you most likely know what suits your hair all by yourself!  Honestly,  just pay it some attention when you shampoo,  condition and use styling products.  How does it feel?


“Louise please tell me,  does changing your shampoo help?”


I think so!  Not because your hair simply ‘gets used to it’ as people say – although you could call it that if you like.  Rather it’s a case of some shampoo and conditioner contains different ingredients to the next one.  At times this can cause a ‘build up’ which coats the hair shaft.  This is not good.  Imagine trying to put self tan lotion over the top of your moisturizer…..


It won’t work!


Why?  Obvious really – it needs to soak into the skin.  Exactly what conditioner needs to do on your hair.  If there is a build up then ‘no way’ will the conditioner get into the hair shaft to create moisturising  activities!


I’ll make another video for you to show how to create salon beautiful hair at home simply by changing your shampoo techniques – watch this space. 


So professional products not only come with the advice from your salon expert but also the ingredients will be richer, needing less of it which is better in the long run for your pocket,  the environment and of course for your hair.


Lots of us are LOVING long hair right now – along with long dresses which pleases me…….these locks will not get longer if you don’t look after them.  The ends will break off resulting in you saying: “My hair never grows!”


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Salon Online Management Training

For the Salons…

This is Super Super exciting!!

I have something totally amazing to share with you.  I’m going to be a teaser now though as I can’t share the info until I have gone to 2 more meetings which are happening before the 12th May!

Just please know that if you wanted help to turn things around in your salon or your life and the way you manage your salon,  there is going to be a proven, guaranteed way of getting affordable help for you REALLY soon…..

I really hope I can get the permissions needed to bring you this salon help.  Working as purely a one to one salon consultant is FAB and I love it but I simply cannot cope with the demand and fit it all the clients I need to…. so there’s an answer (which is frustratingly secret right now… but watch this space for an explosion of excitement!)

Of course if you want to register your interest before Monday to make sure you are top of this list for super bonuses then fill in the form or email me at louise-usher@virginmedia.com  This is my personal email and it even goes to my phone so I will find your contact so quickly! I know how hard it can feel out there at times.  My current clients have told me:

“Everything feels so much clearer now I have a plan.”

“Changes did need to be made but I just wasn’t that sure what needed to be done.”

“I thought spending loads of money on advertising was the answer but I was wrong.”

“You mentoring me on Skype means my LA salon can benefit from your coaching,  which I find lovely and always feel renewed after our chats.”


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Summertime tips

This is one of my articles from last summer: I thought I would share it to get us in the mood for Spring!!! :o)

Summertime is nearly here! Take good care of yourself and make sure
you look amazing with these top beauty tips during the summer months:
* After a day at the beach, shampoo hair twice, rinse and apply conditioning treatment. Leave
treatment on for at least ten minutes before throughly rinsing.
* Once a week, exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells
* Every morning and night you MUST cleanse, tone and moisturise. Skin cells need nourishment
more than ever due to sun damage
* Wear a light foundation with an SPF of at least 15 to minimise long term skin damage. Apply
this over lips too prior to adding lipstick, this will give extra protection to this delicate area
* Before your waxing appointment, thoroughly exfoliate. This will help to minimise ingrowing
* Get your toenails coated with gel. This should last 3 weeks, won’t chip and will look amazing
with your sandals
* Use Aqua cream on dry areas of the body such as elbows and soles of the feet
* Check the mirror frequently on hot days to check for creasing make up or untidy lines of
* Before your summer holiday, a spray tan will stop that “just o the plane” look. However, this
does not provide any protection from the sun
* Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and drink plenty of water. If you are dehydrated you will
not look or feel your best.
* Wear pretty dresses. Floral prints are very popular this summer and they are gorgeous! Treat
Submitted by Strand Designs A free advisory service is available from Strand Designs. Contact via email :
Louise@stranddesigns.co.uk twitter: @stranddesigns or
facebook: Stranddesigns hair Strand
We are a branded freelance
company that provides mobile
services to your home or office.
The skills offered are all aspects of
hairdressing, beauty therapy and
holistic treatments.
Call Louise Now: 07815776037
151 Hempstead Road
Hempstead, Kent, ME7 3QG
The founder of this company, Louise Usher has been
working in the industry for the past 9 years. Prior to this
she had a successful management career working for
hospitality catering events all around the country (such as
the Grand National). This new concept combines both
careers and also a new brand to ll a huge gap in the
market – which is that some people would prefer their hair
done at home or even in their oce at lunchtime! A brand
new service which promises highly qualied and
professional sta who will listen to client needs and
advise with the expertise you would expect from a high
calibre company.
Louise has won rst class awards for her hairdressing and
even southern championship for gents hair. She is
passionate about this craft and strives to keep all sta up
to date with the latest fashions and styles and even the
latest products and gadgets. Hair, beauty and nails all
can be catered for by Strand Designs at a convenient time
to the client. Evening and weekend appointments are
available too.
Mon-Fri 9.30am-6pm Sat 9-7pm Sunday available for
session styling and weddings