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Thank you- to YOU

Hey folks,  I’ve not posted here in  a while.  I’ve been super busy with the day job and also posting loads on other blogs



A Lusher Life (on blogspot)

Both which are doing amazingly well.  I was having a quick look at the stats on this blog too and i’m so happy to see the audience is still there.  So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


It’s lovely to see that you are all still reading my stuff and I’m a step closer to being the best selling author I would love to be.  I’m going to set my goal to publish my next book early in 2014 and I’m super excited about it.


I’m very aware that I cover lots of subjects under the “lusher life” brand and I’m so excited to know what you would like to see from me so please do leave me a comment and keep me informed of what it is you love about this blog.


Come on over and visit the others too! I’d love to see you there


Wishing you a happy December 27th….much love


Louise xoxox



Want a note from the Universe to make you smile?

Each day I get these lovely messages from the Universe…..


The make me smile and they give me hope if I’m feeling low.  Would you like some too?  There’s no point to it really and I’m not an affiliate here but….I’m a firm believer as you all know by now that how we feel and what we think can affect our outcome of our day.  So go ahead and have a look at this website from Mike Dooley of the Secret.  You can sign up for your own messages too in order to put a smile on your face.


If you want to know more about this stuff,  you can get my little book for kindle or iOS device or in print by going to my amazon page here. 

“When it comes to having big dreams, Louise, I know it can feel like you’re kidding yourself.

And when it comes to making big decisions, I know it can feel like you’re all alone.

Would it help you to know that you’re a really big deal here? That you’ve already moved mountains? That you will do even greater things than you can now imagine? 

You crack us up,
    The Universe”



Who’s using the Law of Attraction to win I’m a celebrity?

Do you watch I’m a celebrity?


Tonight is the final! Can you believe it already?


Now I must admit I’ve been watching and I do have a pretty strong opinion about some of the politics in there but that’s because I think with my heart on matters of social acceptance so i’m not going to speak about that.


However,  as for Kian………..I’ve been watching him.


When they very first began calling out the names for the bush tucker trials he would say with total conviction:


“It’s not me.”


Even before Ant and Dec said it.


The next day…




“It’s not me.”  again with complete and utter belief that it wasn’t going to be him.  He was right everytime.


Turning to my children I said,  “He’s using the Law of Attraction.  He might not even know it.”


Yesterday at the semi final he actually was seeming quite thankful and relieved almost in a slightly not knowing way.  If his faith has wavered he may not bring home the crown.


Being a Westlife singer,  I’m pretty sure the boys would have had lots of mind coaching/life coaching/ Positivity coaching which will use many of the same techniques that if he applies them today,  he could win.


I’m hoping that he will spend some time clearing his mind,  focus and get the total conviction he needs to win.  Apparently he really is up for winning and would love to take home the crown.  So long as he focuses today and does some visualisation techniques he can do it!


Let’s watch this space with excitement.



How to measure your weight loss success

Guess what?


I love this blog!! There are so many of you watching what I’m doing.  Which is kind of like a comfort blanket.  Let’s face it,  nobody wants to sit writing blog after blog and making Vlog after Vlog to fall on deaf ears.  It’s nice to know it’s helping someone.


Well,  over on my other, new blog,  it’s a lonely place! It’s taken off much better than i thought but I’d love to still share here with you guys if that’s ok.  Course it’s all ok,  you’re a friendly bunch.  Well,  if you want to come on over and share with me over there you will find loads of tips that you will love regarding health and weight loss.

My other blog can be found by clicking here

So please come and have a look. Feel free to share with your friends and please let me have some feedback from you.


In case you are interested in my crazy life that’s still Law of attraction based but not all so,  find my personal blog here –  the stats on this one are through the roof so there must be something you love over there too.  I’d love to find out what you like to read from me.  The way I see it,  weight loss is all a big part of the Law of Attraction.  It’s about life in general isn’t it.  Living life on purpose.


Love you’s 



Crazy Meditation

So,  now I’ve been meditating for quite some time.  Have you ever tried it?  I’d be  really interested to find out what has worked for you and how it’s worked.  What images do you see when you meditate?


Are you a person who simply says: “I can’t meditate.”


Well,  I do believe that meditation can kind of be whatever you feel it will be.  For example,  I rooted out an amazing set of headphones (still aiming for new Bose ones though!) which are cordless.  I plugged in Hue and Cry and danced around the kitchen with the headphones on while cooking a chicken stir fry (with coconut oil and honey – yum!) and in a way,  this was a little like meditation.  Reason being,  I was totally in the moment. Living in the NOW is a great tool to stop looking back over past bad experiences and worrying about them and also stop worrying about the future and causing yourself unnecessary anxiety.  So,  with Hue and Cry I was definitely in the now.


However,  I still love to try a traditional mediation.  I’ve discovered my friends at Mindvalley sent me an awesome free trial meditation called Omharmonics.  It took me to a new place.  I’ll include a link for you so you can get one too!

A little tip from me, if you feel you are starting to get ‘mind chatter’ as they call it (that voice in your head that says,  ‘do we have enough chicken for the packed lunches tomorrow/ I must remember to put the rubbish out tomorrow/ don’t forget to order that bunch of flowers for Auntie June’) I can use the Omharmonics and focus on one instrument within the music and listen closer to the beat. 


As I was doing this I noticed that my picture in my closed eyes started to reveal a line of chalet type houses.  I was knocking on the doors of these houses and taking children from behind the doors.  They were poor children from under privileged families.  I’m not sure where I was taking them to but it was a happy place.  I think it was a playground.  As we got there,  the founder of Omharmonics was there for me with a bunch of cash and a piano.  He gave me the cash and I feel it was for the children.  As I arose from my meditation I felt this was so strong a feeling and very surreal.  I had been talking to a lady earlier this week about doing some work with the save the children charity.  It’s something very close to my heart and I feel I would love to help donate to some of the families who need a little more. 

Perhaps with the meditation it will help me get to the place within my business where I can do more and more which is a real dream come true.


What about you?  What would you like to achieve through meditation?     


Please leave me your comments :O) It makes me happy