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Your salon online magazine

Hey guys,  if you are a salon worker read on…..


I’m aware that some of you just like my blogging and photos etc but initially I started this as a Salon Management Consultant.  Requests showed me that us hairdressers are a nosey bunch so this blog is often varied.


Anyhow,  I believe in paying it forward and therefore I’d love to share this with you guys.  There is a local business to me who take an online salon magazine.  It’s brilliant!


Here’s the website: this is not an affiliate link of any kind, I just love to give you the chance to subscribe with them and help your business grow!




Salon Online Management Training

For the Salons…

This is Super Super exciting!!

I have something totally amazing to share with you.  I’m going to be a teaser now though as I can’t share the info until I have gone to 2 more meetings which are happening before the 12th May!

Just please know that if you wanted help to turn things around in your salon or your life and the way you manage your salon,  there is going to be a proven, guaranteed way of getting affordable help for you REALLY soon…..

I really hope I can get the permissions needed to bring you this salon help.  Working as purely a one to one salon consultant is FAB and I love it but I simply cannot cope with the demand and fit it all the clients I need to…. so there’s an answer (which is frustratingly secret right now… but watch this space for an explosion of excitement!)

Of course if you want to register your interest before Monday to make sure you are top of this list for super bonuses then fill in the form or email me at louise-usher@virginmedia.com  This is my personal email and it even goes to my phone so I will find your contact so quickly! I know how hard it can feel out there at times.  My current clients have told me:

“Everything feels so much clearer now I have a plan.”

“Changes did need to be made but I just wasn’t that sure what needed to be done.”

“I thought spending loads of money on advertising was the answer but I was wrong.”

“You mentoring me on Skype means my LA salon can benefit from your coaching,  which I find lovely and always feel renewed after our chats.”


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