Lusher Life Coaching

Everybody needs to ask a question to receive an answer.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself the question. Very often you have the answer. Honestly you do!
Many of my clients to date love to discuss the answers with me or indeed they need guidance to find the answers in the first place.

You will be happy to know that a part of life and the journey is sometimes not always being clear where you are going so it’s ok to feel this way, truly. We all do. Right, glad we have clarified that. So, what’s next? Why would you want to work with me?

Many years of helping others has brought me to this amazing place of being able to now use the internet to guide folks anywhere in the world!!! Fantastic!
So this means we can sort you out a programme which will be ongoing until you feel you want to stop (although many find they like to continue), or you can set a specific product which will provide 7 sessions or more.

Even, just a 45 minute skype call has been proven to give some clients the “aha” moment as they gain clarification towards their goal.

It’s nice to have someone to contact via email or text even when you just have a quick question and this can all be a part of your package.

Do my clients see results?

Absolutely YES! If they are not 100% happy at any time they can request a refund. Although they haven’t. Instead *They sleep better at night
*They see business improve
*Profits increase
*Relationships get better
*Inject more passion into life in all areas
*Gain control of their staff
*Lose weight
*Feel happier

The list is endless really.
There is ALWAYS an answer. Even if you don’t know what you want in life. I have a brilliant tool for this too. Not knowing what your dreams are is frustrating. Get them out of your heart and onto paper then you can start working towards your goals.

Ok, so why me? I’ve various areas of expertise which hence I call it a Lusher Life. You want a better life? Many coaches have been in the gutter far worse than me but I’ve had my fair share of challenges too and learning to overcome those is a skill I love to share with my cllients.

I’m a very down to earth person but can be quite tough at times. Just in a directional way which clients appreciate get results. Why not look me up? There are lots of videos and writings out there where you can see me in action and get a feel if we could work together or not.

You must chose the right coach for your needs and wishes. You will quickly ascertain if that’s me or not. I call it a vibe – you should always listen to your vibe. If you don’t know how to – I’m your girl as I have a technique for teaching you to listen within too.

Initial ‘sort it out’ session online – 

Gold Package – 7 life changing sessions

Premium Package – Let’s crack it! Including texts to motivate and emails to inspire you as well as one to one sessions online/skype for 15 weeks


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