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Do you love photography? Do you love a good wedding?

Folks this is amazing what has just come into my life.  IT seems I have become a professional photographer! Crazy eh?

Well,  this has lead me to a place where I will be speaking to all types of wedding vendors and giving a big old low down on the internet about where they are/what they do/tips for the big day too!


Please come along to my other sites and have a look

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A lady helped me with my blogging for free! Here’s how…

Hello there folks.  It’s not often that your dreams come true without investing in yourself.


You know the type of thing like you might come across spending some money on a coaching package or such?  Well, I do agree we should all invest in time and money to get mentoring and the like but I’ll be totally honest with you here:  I stumbled across a lady on YouTube who seems completely bonkers!

Well, she is and she freely admits it herself! Bless her.  Leonie Dawson.  Have you heard of her?  Well the thing I love about her is that she is very generous. Her packages (lots of free stuff) are nicely priced.  She doesn’t rip people off.


Love her,  as I loved her so much she has asked if I wouldn’t mind sharing her links with you.  

They are over on my other, very personal blog so come take a look here and you will see her banner on the right hand side and the blog post there explaining about the free stuff too.


I really hope she helps you as much as she did me.