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Part 2 of Ruby’s dream job journey

Hey! So many of you really seemed to enjoy the first part of the short story I wrote about Ruby finding her dream job and sadly for me, the second part disappeared into cyberspace.  However, we can’t leave Ruby sitting there can we! (statement not question).  I’m hoping that you will all take away a little bit of FREE coaching from this story.  It’s a different, yet interesting way to ‘get the point’ without asking you to read reams and reams of ‘do this/don’t do that’.   Let’s face it,  we mostly ignore the don’ts anyway….. {Cheeky giggle} So go ahead and see how you can use this coaching in your life.  If you want more help from me, just please ask….my door is open.


Ruby agreed with Ted that in fact the commuter, 9-5er was not her ideal of living,  although it was something she could more easily grasp the hang of.  Why?  Because it fitted with the ideal that she had been programmed to believe.  This must be the right way?


Shifting her pert bottom slightly more to the middle of the chaise-longue she continued to listen.

“Now think for a minute Ruby,  think back to when you were a child.  What would you do all day long?  But happily?” Ted asked in a firm yet soft manner.  Ruby felt comfortable with this question.  After a minute of eye rolling to the lightbulbs she announced,

“I really loved playing the keyboard.  Loved it so much I would sit there all day long.  I would put on a piece of music  I liked and try to find the first note.  I always found it easy to go up and down the keys depending on the melody line.  I loved playing the keyboard.  I’m sure I remember Dad telling me one day I would have lessons.  Though i’m pretty sure I chose dance lessons instead.  I expect I was better at dance than the keyboard.”

“Ok, so were you any good at it?  Could you teach it or be a concert pianist?  Were the practical skills in place to make this your dream job?” Ted asked inquisitively.

“No way!!” Ruby laughed, “I didn’t even really learn how to read music properly.” She pondered for a minute as she tried to remember what she had learnt in school music classes…..

‘Every good boy deserves football? F>A>C>E??’

She really wasn’t sure but, something like that. 

“Hmm, the other thing I loved….” Ruby started with a twinkle of delight in her eye, “I loved writing.  I would write all the time,  practising my handwriting.  Tried out lots of different styles too.  I can still write in lots of different styles now.  Oh,  I remember now,  I used to make posters out of a kind of bubbly type of writing… like a 3d sort of effect.  Letters,  I used to write lots and lots of letters.  For years I kept a detailed journal too.  I loved writing that sort of stuff.  In fact I still do really.”

Ted brought Ruby back from dreamland where she was sitting on a cloud of writing heaven. “Brilliant!  Ever written pieces for publication?”

“Oh God of course! There were many poems I won competitions for,  loads got into print.  I was always doing stuff like that.” Ruby matter of factly stated.

Quietly and calmly,  trying not to demonstrate the excitement of finding the Holy Grail Ted asked,  “Hmm,  interesting Ruby.  Ever thought about writing for a living?”

“Like an author you mean?  Or do you mean like writing copy for websites and leaflets and stuff?”

“Yes Ruby like,  that thing that makes your heart sing,  that thing that made the twinkle just appear in your eye. The thing that could keep you up all night and you wouldn’t realise how tired you are.  Whatever it is that you would enjoy doing even if there was no money involved.”

“Well, that might well be novels then,  hmm,  yeah well I’ve written two of those already.  Did them one winter when I was bored and work was quiet.  Tho I have no idea where the manuscripts are now.  But yes,  I really did love doing that.  That’s ‘my thing’ that’s the thing I’m kind of famous for among my people.  Well, that and giving them advice of course.” She chuckled from her belly.  Not realising the discovery that had just been made. 


Ruby was now on her way to becoming a published author.  She had no idea this was just about to be suggested to her.  Although when she looked back to this moment,  she would never forget that italian white leather furniture and the contrasting tram lines ironed up the shin of Ted’s otherwise perfect suit. 

Ruby’s dreams- how to figure out “that job”

Ruby felt so much more than simply confused.

Knowing she had so much to offer the world. She was a very smart girl. The brain gave much credit to the ‘smartness’ statement yet that wasn’t all that was party to the comment. Ruby was looked up to by so many of her clients. They loved her. She listened to them in an empathetic manner while using the talent of staying strong. Offering useful ways forward to create a better business or a better life, she found without question that the job she was doing proved valuable to so many. Also to her. If she was helping people she was happy.

The marvellous internet was delivering information to her ten fold. Ruby knew that if she was to package her information into digital products and sold them, of course she could make more money from doing the work once. Loving this invention, Ruby gave it lots of thought.

Learning from the experts, Ruby saw all of these people who were only working a few hours and generating that six figure income that many gurus spoke about.

Using the internet, “Hmm,” Ruby pondered for a while. She loved this idea and decided to go ahead and try it. Information overload rapidly became a way forward to set up products for business owners and folks with personal issues in life to download a the click of a button. Paying a few dollars for Ruby to ‘cer-ching’ into her paypal account and slot up a few more quid into the business account.

Sounding easy, Ruby set herself up with all the digital formats she needed, the equipment, the email lists, the marketing. As she began…..

…..Ruby felt so lonely. Her day had little or no structure, despite the wall chart of time management she had made for herself on her squeaky white board. Constantly, she felt hungry. Boredom…? Possibly.

Without allowing too much time passing, Ruby consulted a business mentor. This tall gentleman charged Ruby a pretty penny for his help. After many many questions and lots and lots of soul searching, Ruby found an underlying issue.

Limiting Belief.

Ruby had been raised to believe that she should work hard for her money, putting in lots of hours and a fair degree of stress to top off the bundle.
It felt ‘wrong’ somehow to just sit at home typing away. Even though what she was providing for people was very much of value and they were prepared to pay for it, it stopped there. Something was wrong.
Mr Brooks, or Ted as he liked to be called, took Ruby back in time. She sat on his Italian white leather chaise-longue and comfortably told Ted all the things she loved to do as a child.
“Often, we find that the job that serves our heart and soul is actually the thing we were born to do. Yet while growing up, we very often take a different path. We watch others coming home exhausted from work, grabbing a quick bite to eat and crashing into bed without speaking to their loved ones. Now, is this living Ruby?” Ted asked gently.



How to decide to go for it! Making your dreams come true!

Just recently while at the gym, I bumped into two very good friends of mine.

These ladies had seen my blog and have known for a long time about my book writing. They asked me, “Well, I really want to write a book but have no idea how to get it out there.”
I say ‘asked me’ yet in an English Literature class at school this actually isn’t a question but rather a statement.

So, why are YOU telling yourself with a statement that you can’t get it out there? Or make the changes? Or do what you need to do to create your dream life? Your ‘lusher life’.
Let’s look at turning this around….

What CAN you do to enable yourself one little move in the direction of making your dream come true’? How can you begin? There will be some small way, honestly. I have been making these moves for sometime and have managed to get literally stacks of work done. You can too.

There are many authors who have written books while still working the day job to enable them to pay the bills. Of course, you must be sensible obviously. If you decided after reading this blog, “Right, she’s right, that Louise has made me decide to completely change my life starting right now!” and you haven’t taken common sense into the equation then possibly things will not work out so well. Figure it out with a little sense. While you are fitting in your dreams, you are working towards them without the changes spoiling your current situation. In other words, you are taking steps to IMPROVE life without going crazy and making your life in a worse situation.

Ok, enough of the negative stuff now as we don’t like to do that here. So, what do you want? I ask you that question on lots of my blogs. This blog is about creating your Lusher Life. What do you want? Imagine you want to write a book. In your break at work, like lunchtime or even coffee break, start writing. Don’t overcomplicate the tools you need. You can use your phone, we all have the facility these days to write some lines on our phone. Even without a smart phone, text it to yourself. Write wherever you are.
If, as another example, you decided you need to take a course, or learn something new, use podcasts, or YouTube to educate yourself on your commute or again during your lunchbreak.

First step is this: Imagine that it is all possible! Use my word ‘do-able’. Is it do-able? Don’t find excuses or reasons. Find ways to do it. The only one who can change your life is you.

I’m spending lots and lots of time coaching these past few weeks and the mindsetting is always the first step to making changes. Let me know if you feel you would like some help too. I will very bravely be inviting (anonymous if you like) texts to my personal phone for free pretty soon. FREE. I will invite you to send me your text or email to me personally with your question. I may use these questions to answer in a blog too if that’s ok with you. Let’s be brave together?
Thing is, you need to subscribe to my blog or email list (right hand side of the blog page) to get this number as it’s coming later. Also, if you come over to my email list there is a future audiobook “Basics to the Law of ATTRACTION’ as a free gift for you.

Your dream life:
Can you do it?
WILL you do it?

Much love

Louise xx

ps written while a client is taking her coffee break – using my new wireless keyboard, my iphone and a little app called ‘wordpress’


My new wireless applemac keyboard

Crikey! What an awesome day I’ve had today.

Proudly typing on my new wireless apple keyboard (Using my iphone as a screen) Finally a ‘lighter’ option than taking my Macbook to the local coffee shops with me!
I’m really excited that this may well take my writing to a whole new level.

Tell me guys, what programmes do you use to write on when using ipad or iphone? At home, I’m using word for my latest book. I’d value your comments. I could even use ‘notes’ and email over to my Macbook.

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying your weekend. My blog posts are from the heart today. Strange as I’ve taken off the strict business woman head this weekend. Yet business is booming in the world of consultancy. Good news, this helps me on my path towards writing more and more too.

Perhaps I’ll brave it and write more from the heart and let you all in a little bit further (be nice?!)

Much love



My son, the blogger

My son, the blogger

Yesterday my son, at the young age of 13 (yes, I did have him young!) decided that he needed to start earning some money.  Encouraging him, I started to think hard.  We spoke of car washing and paper rounds and yet none of this seemed to fire him up.


WordPress,  I began to speak of wordpress.  With the intention that he can build a little platform in preparation for selling photographs online later on.


Wow he was off and running.  Bless his heart,  I showed him the basics and he had a go.  Makes you realize that the future for our school age children really is going to be the net. I feel so proud that I was able to help him with this as a mum who is building her own platform prior to my next book release – more on that later –


So, who is he?  Well you can find my boy here and I’m interested to see where exactly he takes his blog.


If you love Xbox,  Minecraft,  Black ops etc then you will find as his confidence grows that he actually gets lots of information over about this as he’s REALLY good. 

I love him.


I’m going to write a blog about another gamer who is so totally following his dreams and BOY oh BOY they are coming true!


My really useful Youtube Channel

Hi Folks!!

After much thinking, I’ve decided that I have so much brilliant information to pass on that it would be a bad thing to keep it all to myself!!

So I’ve just created a You Tube video to list and tag all the subjects I know stuff about and i’m going to tell you all I know about all of them!!

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Here goes:

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Creating your dream life

All of this comes under my umberella of “A Lusher Life”

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Much love

Louise x