Managing your online marketing for you

Blogging a mystery?


Wishing you could create a newsletter?    




Any idea what the biggest reason is for your clients taking off and moving away from your business?  Are you left in wonder when you feel you’ve made a real great rapport with your clients then they disappear?


The single biggest reason for them leaving you is this:

They think you have forgotten about them.  You didn’t invite them back.  They felt part of ‘something’ while they were there and now you’ve just taken their money and left them to it until the next time they return.


Keeping your clients informed of your news via  newsletter and blog is a brilliant way to keep them involved in your community.  Often,  this can feel like just another chore that you would rather do without.

I can take care of all this for you.  All I need are a few updates or photos from your facebook pages and also your clients emails who wish to sign up for your newsletter and voila……..



Ok so here’s the thing.  I have a big passion for taking your information and news as well as industry updates and transforming this into a piece of writing which is more than simply news.

Your clients are kept up to date and know that you are still interested in them too.

Set up and maintenance can be an ongoing monthly arrangement between us although after initial set up you are welcome to take login details and manage this yourself if you prefer.

Initial set up of both newsletter and blog – £99

Monthly updates after setup £49 per month.


Currently,  my clients are finding not only do they keep clients for longer but this is also a great tool for up selling services within the business.

Email me now for further information or book here:

Initial setup

Monthly Update (Including trial period)



2 thoughts on “Managing your online marketing for you

    1. LouiseUsher Post author

      If this is something you would like me to create for you, all the details are on the page. Would be my pleasure.

      The type of blog would look similar to this, using WordPress and you just give me any news you have an I create the magic

      You have full access to be able to share the blog on all your Facebook, twitter or other contacts. Sounds fab doesn’t it.


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