Lusher Life Shop

I’m really proud to show you around my shop!

On here you can buy lots of different products which I hope will motivate and inspire you to create the Lusher Life you deserve – we all deserve that after all – and it’s here for the taking!


Click here to see the Lusher Life Shop

You can find many handy things to help you with your affirmations here on a daily basis such as mugs, clocks, t shirts, even maternity wear!

“Ask Believe Receive” is the simple term used on many of these products.  You know what that means!

This gratitude journal (click here) is a simple book that you can keep your “thank you’s” in.  Practising gratitude every day will lead you onto allowing in all the new things you wish for.  I suggest you keep it as detailed or as complicated as you like but always write at least 3 things in it every day.

This weight loss journal (click here) is a great tool.  You can feel so much more in control which will, of course, allow you the belief that you can in fact be the weight you desire.  Write in here what you have eaten (taking action) and also your thoughts and feelings.  It’s so important to recognise your mind set.  Create your own simple method to even track your water consumption to aid great health.

This Trying to Conceive journal (click here) will leave you looking back over what you have and haven’t done in order to get your longed for baby.  Keeping records like temperature,  cycle days etc can be confusing.  This journal will keep everything close together and you can diary every thought, feeling, twinge and of course the basics of trying.


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